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British Naturism is run by Naturists for Naturists.

British Naturism (BN) is the internationally recognised UK national Naturist organisation. We exist to unite and support Naturists, to protect and provide more Naturist venues, to make social nudity acceptable in the UK and to provide comprehensive information on Naturism and Naturists around the world. We’re here to make your experience of Naturism better.

A BN membership is so much more than a magazine, it is about being part of the wider Naturist scene and getting other benefits. From saving money on BN events to campaigning for Naturists rights. Being a part of BN is knowing that you are helping to support the practice of Naturism, so that it continues to thrive and helps others to realise the life-affirming benefits of social nudity.

Check out all the amazing things we are doing at goodtimes.bn.org.uk!

Whats included in your membership
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How Much Does It Cost?

Individual membership costs less than £4.50 per month!

We offer discounts on the basic fee for people aged 80 and over and students in full-time education. Two people joining using the same postal address can take advantage of a discounted rate for couples, but will only receive one copy of the BN magazine and any other mailings.

  • Individual: £56.00
  • Individual aged 65 and over: £56.00
  • Individual aged 80 and over: £51.00
  • Couple: £82.00
  • Couple aged 65 and over: £82.00
  • Couple aged 80 and over: £75.00
  • Student in FTE: £35.00
  • Overseas: £33.00

Find Out More...

Online Events

A variety of community and lifestyle events to attend from anywhere you choose! There’s no limit to how many you can take part in. They include yoga, fitness, meditation, naked kitchen, discussions and interviews, coffee mornings and the Naked Pub. Community events are open to members only and members receive a 40% discount on the price of others. It’s virtually brilliant and a great way to be part of the community.

25% off BN Events

BN members receive at least a 25% discount on any BN events that are also open to the general public. Attending just a few events per year can mean that you can easily recoup the cost of your membership.

Member-Only Events

There are literally hundreds of naturist events throughout the year and around the country, including our extra-special Big Days Out. Some of these are open to the public but others, such as our annual weekend at Alton Towers (yes, the real one) are exclusive to BN members.

You can find a full listing of all of the upcoming events in our main events calendars.

Four Issues of our Magazine

Even in our modern world not everything needs to be high-speed and bite-sized; sometimes it's nice to just relax and read. Our full colour, fully-illustrated, information-packed quarterly magazine is delivered right to your door with:

  • The latest roundup of news from BN and the world of Naturism.
  • Fascinating and thought-provoking articles.
  • Reports and photos from recent events.
  • Pages of holidays news and hotel / resort reviews.
  • ...and much more.

Exclusive group holidays for members-only

BN's members-only holidays are great for single people, couples and families alike. They run throughout the year at a variety of resorts.

Members' Online Community

Whilst there may be no substitute for meeting other members face-to-face, our online community enables you to share information and experiences between events:

  • A lively discussion forum with nearly 300,000 posts and over 16,000 topics,
  • See pictures from BN events and add your own Naturist pictures to over 7,000 in our Gallery, plus
  • blogs, lot of downloads and and wide range of other information and guidance.
  • and a car sticker.

Part of a Community

When all is said and done most people join BN to meet other like-minded Naturists.

Most people discover naturism either by themselves at home or whilst on holiday overseas. When you're ready to take the next step, to meet other Naturists or join several hundred other Naturists at some of our national events, then a BN membership is a safe and logical way to go. Join online now.

Information and Advice

If you're new to Naturism then you probably have a hundred and one questions about what to do next and how it all works:

  • What happens at Naturist events?
  • Am I allowed to be naked in my garden?
  • How do I just get to meet other Naturists?
  • ...and many more.

Sure, you could trawl the internet looking for advice from strangers, but a BN membership gives you direct access to over 8000 other members, volunteers and BN officials who actually organise local, national and international events, and write the legal guidance on what you can do and what might be best avoided. Why take a chance when when the answers you need are right here!

INF Membership

British Naturism members are automatically members of the International Naturist Federation and your membership card gives you access to some overseas Naturist places, and discounts in others, as well as proving your eligibility for assistance, if needed, from the local federation when travelling abroad.

Holiday Advice

The BN Holiday Advice service is run by members for members. Our panel of experts have sailed naked in the Med, camped in California, cruised in the buff in the Caribbean and cycled to naturist clubs in Great Britain. They have been to naturist clubs, beaches, hotels and resorts everywhere from New Zealand to the Netherlands, from Mexico to Montenegro and from Austria to Australia.

We have a number of designated experts for the UK, France, Greece, Spain (including the Canaries), Germany, Austria, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Croatia. If you are a BN member, the team will be glad to help you.

Photo ID Card

When you join BN you can upload a passport-style photo and we'll send you a photo-ID membership card. This not only gives you access to many BN events but can also be used to identify yourself as a bona-fide Naturist when visiting clubs or dealing with those in authority. It also serves as your International Naturist Federation membership card, your passport to access many overseas Naturist destinations, and discounts in many others.

Opportunity to Volunteer

British Naturism is a volunteer organisation. Every day, people up and down the country are actively involved in promoting Naturism though organising events or supporting our campaigning teams.

Whether it’s helping to organise a holiday, an event, a meet and greet, welcome members to a swim or a club, speaking to curious visitors, there are a range of roles available.

If you can spare a little bit of time and energy then take the first step towards making a real and rewarding contribution to health and body confidence with British Naturism.

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