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  • Naturist Activities in the UK

    Despite the UK's sometimes inclement weather there is a wide range of naturist venues and events across the country and throughout the year. These include our Big Days Out and other events, Naturist clubs and swims as well as some great beaches all around the country.

    Naturist Clubs and Swims

    Official Naturist venues usually fall into one of two categories - "Swims" and "Clubs". A listing of the various naturist swims and clubs that exist in the UK is given on the Directory pages.

    Naturist swims are usually regular events occurring weekly or once or twice per month. These events are held in normal sports facilities (for example, the local council sports centre) which is booked out for exclusive naturist use during the session. Sessions might run at any time or day of the week (depending upon venue) but most commonly run during Saturday or Sunday evening. Session duration varies between 1 and 3 hours depending upon the venue. Many of the swims actually provide additional naturist facilities which might include any of the following:

    • Naturist swimming (of course!)
    • Naturist use of sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi (depending upon venue)
    • Socialising (in the refreshments area, pool, sauna, etc.)
    • Use of gym or squash courts (might require sportswear)
    • Additional activities: Naked/nude yoga, Pilates, Exercise classes

    Naturist clubs are run by their members but usually make arrangements for visitors. The facilities of clubs vary widely but may include camping, clubhouse, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, areas for sports such as tennis or boules, and areas for sitting or lying in the sun. Please refer to the Directory for details for each club and links to the club's own web site.

    Some naturist clubs schedule events where they open their doors and welcome naturists (and sometimes non-naturists) from across the country. Most of these events will be listed in the Events Calendar. Typical events (depending upon club) include:

    • Open days
    • Music (and beer) festivals
    • Naked fun runs (e.g. BH5K)
    • National naturist competitions (e.g. boules, Pétanque)

    Free Range Naturism

    Free Range Naturism is the term that is often used to describe naturist activities that occur out in the countryside or on public beaches.

    In the UK there are a few official naturist beaches but the vast majority are unofficial - that is, they have no designation but have traditionally been used by naturists. The beaches that have traditionally been used by naturists are usually in quiet or remote locations and may be difficult to reach. The Directory provides information on UK naturist beaches, both official and traditional.

    Skinny dipping refers to going into water naked to swim or play - usually outdoors. Skinny-dipping and naked sun-bathing are traditional in mountain lakes and streams and on remote beaches, although the more adventurous will choose quiet times and will engage in skinny dipping surprisingly close to human habitation, roads or footpaths.

    Many naturists like the idea of being able to walk naked in the countryside although few actually have the nerve to do it as the prospect of walking naked anywhere outside a club setting can be daunting and may bring a risk of arrest. Generally the public are accepting of naked walkers in quiet countryside areas. However where there are children around attitudes can be less tolerant, and most naturist walkers/ramblers will carry a wrap to cover up if they see a family walking nearby. Other naturists may take the precaution of advising local police or countryside rangers of their plans to walk naked so that anyone phoning to complain can be advised that the walker is a naturist and has no intent to cause alarm or distress.  For further information on the legal aspects of nudity in public places please see the legal guidance page drawn up by BN's legal team.

    Other Naked Activities and Events

    There are other naked activities and events that are not primarily of naturist origin but are using nudity as part of the publicity. Examples of these activities include the "World Naked Bike Rides" (WNBR), "Streak for Tigers", and "Bare All for Polar Bears". These activities are usually added to the Events Calendar.

    Holiday Destinations

    Also check out our holiday pages to find details of some of the many naturist resorts and destinations both in the UK and around the world. If you are visiting or touring the UK and would like additional information to help plan your visit then please contact either our UK holiday advisor ukholidays@bn.org.uk or our head office.

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