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  • Volunteering with British Naturism!

    As a volunteer-led organisation, British Naturism recognises the value volunteers bring; the time, energy, skills and knowledge they contribute; and the important role volunteers play in:

    • enabling the organisation to function and deliver its services;
    • developing, enabling and supporting opportunities for people to practise a Naturist lifestyle;
    • promoting understanding and acceptance of the practice and benefits of Naturism.

    Our vision is that people feel inspired to volunteer, have the opportunity to do so, and have excellent volunteering experiences within British Naturism.

    Our volunteers make amazing things happen! They plan, organise, support and deliver opportunities for people to engage in a wide range of activities. Our volunteers also do a great deal to ensure that the practice and benefits of Naturism are widely understood and accepted.

    British Naturism recognises that people volunteer in different ways to suit their personal circumstances, their interests, motivations and the skills, knowledge and experience they would like to contribute.  We have created different approaches to volunteering to suit everyone:

    Formal Volunteering – specific roles with ongoing responsibilities for the governance, organisation, management and/or delivery of activities within the organisation.

    Informal or Micro Volunteering – one-off, occasional or short-term volunteering assignments, such as leading a Naturist walk, organising an event or undertaking a piece of research.

    Volunteer Bank – a register of members who are happy to be approached for particular types of role and/or micro volunteering assignments.

    Skills Bank – an online listing of members prepared to offer their skills and of skills wanted.

    Find out more about Volunteering with British Naturism in the members’ area including how YOU can become a British Naturism volunteer!

  • Contact:

    John Gelder

    Volunteering Officer

    Email: john.gelder@bn.org.uk


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