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  • Women in Naturism Current Campaign

  • What is it?

    Women in Naturism is an ongoing initiative to try and attract more women into Naturism and to help build body confidence.

    June 24th is Ladies Day! Find out more here


    Why are we doing it?

    It is a fact that Naturism appeals more intuitively to men than women, though women in Naturism are possibly more passionate about it and report a greater life-changing experience. Many women also state that they were introduced to Naturism by a husband or boyfriend and were hesitant, but now can't imagine life without it and believe it to be good for them and their children.

    In part this is because of the huge pressure which modern society and the media place on women to look attractive - and let's be honest pressure that some women place on themselves. By encouraging more women to try social nudity and Naturism we hope to help them to be happier and more confident about their bodies and hopefully to join BN!


    What do we hope to achieve?

    • Greater awareness of the negative effects of societal pressure on women to look good.
    • Provide mutual support to help women be happier and more confident about their bodies.


    What is involved?

    ‘Tell your Story’ – women talking to women is best and we want Naturist women to to write about how they came into Naturism and what they get from it. You can read a few of them here https://www.bn.org.uk/news/news/tell-your-story-r333. We want more! Please send in your 200 words to magazine@bn.org.uk and we’ll publish the best through the year and use them in our promotions and publicity. You can ask for your name not to be revealed.

    We want clubs and swims to start a ‘buddy’ scheme so that newcomers have a named person to contact and perhaps meet in advance of their first Naturist experience.

    When the media start knocking on the door, they will be asking for Naturist women to appear on TV, speak on the radio and be interviewed for magazines, newspapers and websites. Could that be you? Plenty of training will be given. Please get in touch.

    Bring a friend – We know from conversations with many women on our travels that they all have girl friends who they know would benefit from Naturism but never get round to inviting them to an event. Make this the year you do!

    Our 'Wish you were Here!' invitation postcard is available from the BN Shop. Thanks to www.invictasunclub.co.uk for the great picture on the front. You can also download a version that you can complete on screen, save and then email to your invitees.

    I'm not really single, honest!
    Here's a kind of crib sheet for all those guys we regularly see at events, in clubs and on the forum who have a wife / partner / girlfriend / fiancée who finds it a challenge to share their interest in Naturism – or perhaps just needs a little persuasion. Perhaps some of you have a woman you’d like in your life but are nervous about bringing up the Naturist subject for fear of putting her off… Enough of the preamble – if you are in that situation, you know the issues…

    You’ve probably thought of all this, but...

    • Make sure she knows that stripping off on the first occasion is not required. Clubs will let newcomers settle in, attune to the surroundings and get comfortable. In fact, it’s quite common at big events for some men to be accompanied by their clothed wives who join in everything except the nudity... they love the atmosphere and the people – and spending time with their man.
    • Some swim clubs run swimsuit sessions where the uninitiated are encouraged to come and find out more without having to join in.
    • Take her to a clothes-optional event, perhaps in an attractive garden that makes for a good day out.
    • Tell her that at none of the BN events is anyone forced to undress.
    • Try a Naturist Meet and Greet group, often held in a pub where she can get to know people in a clothed environment.
    • If you are a club member, ask one of the existing female members if she would be a ‘buddy’ for her, talk to her in advance and be available on her first visit.
    • Make her aware that it’s not about ‘body beautiful’, Naturists come in all shapes and sizes but we all feel good with our clothes off.
    • ...and don’t give up hope. There are plenty of stories of ladies finally deciding to give it a go – and having a great time.
    • Finally – get her to read this page and follow the links online!
  • Here’s a variety of links we’ve gathered that cover a lot of different ground but add up to a picture of what we’re all about.

    They include inspiring articles by BN columnist Roni Fine, a stunning video of a woman skinny dipping, a TV clip from Nudefest, women’s own stories of how they found and what they get from Naturism, and articles from the mainstream media about how healthy and unexpectedly wonderful nudity – and especially social nudity – is.


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