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Rates and Opportunities for promotion with British Naturism for 2020

British Naturism (BN) is the Number One organisation for Naturist information in the UK.

British Naturism magazine

Our quarterly magazine is issued free to over 8,500 members of our federation. It has an estimated readership of 15,000 Naturists in the UK and overseas.

We are able to send you a copy of our magazine in the post or send you a link to an online version. Please let us know which you prefer.

Display advertising

Full page£880
One-half page£485 (Back cover £565)
One-third page£380
One-quarter page£295
One-eighth page£195
Publicity flyers included in the mailing£250

We can offer help in making up your advertisement, if needed.

Editorial copy, typically holiday reports from happy guests, are featured in every issue - and are published free of charge to resorts. Please contact us for more information.

Publication deadlines

  • Spring - January 15th. Publication early March.
    Travel focus - Spain and her islands
  • Summer – April 15th. Publication early June.
    Travel focus - Southern Europe & UK
  • Autumn – July 15th. Publication early September.
    Travel focus - Long Haul & Northern Europe
  • Winter – October 15th. Publication early December.
    Travel focus - France

British Naturism website - www.bn.org.uk.

Front page advertisement£400 for 3 months
£600 for 6 months
£800 for one year
Featured destination£250 for 6 months
£400 for one year

Sponsorship of Events

The following promotional items include a mention on the BN event website and BN magazine

Sponsor the whole event£2000
Sponsor an activity£150
Advert in programme£150
Flyers distributed at events£150
Exhibition table£150
Donation of prizeNo charge

Please note that all prices exclude VAT

For all advertising enquiries, please contact advertising@bn.org.uk or call +44 7774 955138

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