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  • How to contribute to BN Magazine

    BN Magazine is compiled entirely from submissions from members and others, so please get writing and photographing! If you would like help, or perhaps confirmation that a particular topic would be of interest, please get in touch at magazine@bn.org.uk or see the contact details on
    page five of each issue.

    Please send pictures as separate items and not embedded in your text document. We prefer to receive pictures via a link to online photo sharing sites, and not as attachments to emails which can make them too small for us to use. Please also try and send the original images - pictures you have received by MMS or apps like What’s App will be too small for printing.

    Any pictures submitted will be assumed to have permission to publish from the photographer and any people in the image – it is your responsibility to ensure this and to acknowledge that, as printed material, British Naturism has no control over where this magazine may be found nor whom it may be read by. It is not sold to the public, but copies can be used for promotional, recruitment and public relations purposes. You can download our photographer’s release form from the BN Members’ Community (or get one from the office) if you need to be sure of permissions having been given.

    We do not normally publish contributions that do not carry the author’s name, but we are prepared to withhold this if really necessary. BN reserves the right to shorten or amend any item and to refuse or modify any advertisement without giving a reason. No guarantee is given that any submission, including advertisements, will be inserted in a specified issue, or at all, though every effort will be made.

    BN Magazine is published four times a year – below are the publication deadlines. Please note that these are the FINAL dates – you can make a submission at any time. It is useful for us to know if are planning to make a submission, so let us know as early as possible, even if your submission is not ready to send in.

    Deadline for submissions January 15th.
    Publication early March.

    Deadline for submissions April 15th.
    Publication early June.

    Deadline for submissions July 15th.
    Publication early September

    Deadline for submissions October 15th.
    Publication early December.

    Advertising enquiries
    Please contact advertising@bn.org.uk, visit bn.org.uk/advertising or call Head Office.

    Clubs and Swims
    If you wish to update your listing you may do so for every issue, including replacing the image, but please send them in as soon as you can either to Head Office or clubs@bn.org.uk.

    Whilst BN magazine is concerned with BN’s activities, it also affords a platform for wider views. Opinions expressed editorially or by contributors do not necessarily represent the views of BN, nor is BN responsible for claims made in advertisements.

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