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  • Women's Stories

    If you have a story that you would like to tell then please send email to "Women in Naturism" (donna.price@bn.org.uk)


  • Beach Days

    Many years ago on holiday in France we wandered down a path to the beach, and a notice informed us that "textiles" went to the right and "Naturists" to the left. "Strange", we thought and headed to the right.

    Later, on the inflatable bobbing around on the waves being pushed along by my husband, we realised we had strayed into the "naturist" section, shock horror! What to do? People were looking at us! So, off came the swimwear, well, we didn't want people staring at us! We came to this beach for the rest of the holiday - changing was so easy, no wriggling around under towels, it all made incredible sense.

    Back home, we discovered Studland beach and later Tewkesbury swim and Suntreckers and have really enjoyed our new lifestyle.

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