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  • What is my Username and Password? (Members Only)

    Your BN username and password give you access to enhanced benefits of membership - please keep them safe and do not share them with anyone else!

    Your username and password will be the ones that you have registered with BN - either when you initially joined BN or the updated values if you have updated them subsequently. If you already know your username and password then you may log into the BN web site immediately.

    • Log into the "membership system" to view or update your membership details (email address, home address, username or password, etc.) or to renew your membership.
    • Log into the "main web site" to access the forum, gallery and other members only parts of the web site.

    If you don't know your username or password you might be able to recover that information online. Alternatively, you may contact Head Office via email (headoffice@bn.org.uk) or telephone (01604 620361) and provide your membership details along with a request for the details of your username and password.

    Most members find that the most convenient option is to recover their username and password online - but this only works for members who have registered a valid email address with BN. We strongly recommend that you register a valid email address for this reason (as well as for several others).

    How to recover your username and password online

    Connect to the following URL (web address) https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/login and click the "Forgot password?" link:


    You will be presented with a screen similar to the following. Fill in your email address and then click the "Get Password" button. If you have entered the email that you registered with BN then the system will send an email to that address so that you may recover your username and password. If you have several email addresses but cannot remember which one you registered with BN then you might need to try each of them in turn. If none of them work or if you did not register an email address with BN then you will have to contact the office as described above.



    If you provided the correct email address then you should receive an email from BN within a few minutes. (Check your spam folder as well as your Inbox - just in case!) The email will be similar to the following example. As you can see, the email contains the username (in this example, "john12345"). You will need to remember this and use it when logging into the web site.


    Connect to the URL (web address) contained in the email. You may either click the link in the email or else copy and past the URL. Please take care to copy the entire URL including the "https" at the beginning and all the letters and digits after the equals sign. This string is case sensitive so it is far better to click the link or copy and paste rather than trying to type the link. (Obviously, do not use the value from the example above because it is already expired!!)

    Note: The link in the email will only be valid for 36 hours so if you delay in using it then it will expire and you will need to repeat the "Forgot password" procedure from the beginning.


    When you use the link from the email you will be presented with a page similar to the example above. Note that your username will already be filled in with the value that was in the email and that you will be unable to change your username at this stage. (You may change your username at a later stage by logging into the membership system to modify it.)

    Make up a new password - one that is secure and that you will remember - and enter it into the "New Password" box. Take particular care to follow the instructions in the box with the red outline - your password must contain at least two of each of the following: digits, lowercase letters, uppercase letters and special characters. Enter the same value into the "Confirm Password" box and click the "Change Password" button.

    Your username and your new password will now be active so that you may login to both the "membership system" and the "main web site".

    If you experience any problems then contact BN IT Support via email at support@bn.org.uk





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