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    Grand Union Canal

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    As a Reminder;Tomorrow, Saturday 11th September, we have a Narrowboat cruise on the Grand Union Canal.
    The cruise is starting from Nash Mills , just south of Hemel Hempstead. The cruise commences at 2pm, and will end at 6pm. Tea and Coffee will be provided.
    Below are more essential details, please click on Grand Union Canal Cruise below;

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    On Friday 6th August a Naturist walk will be hosted by Andrew Roch. This walk is the North Marston Naturist Walk . Details are below just click on the walk Title;
    Theae Naturist walks are very popular, so if you have not already signed up for one, contact Andrew or Amanda Roch.
    Additionally; on Friday we have a Swim in Watford.  Here is more information about the swim if you would like to go along and join in;
    On Saturday 7th August our region is holding its annual Beach Day at Corton (just north of Lowestoft)
    Bring along a packed lunch and your first time wannabee naturist friends and family. The event is FREE
    Here is the essential information. Check it out by clicking on the title below;
    Here is some more information about getting to Corton beach;
    On Google Maps I have placed a red pin in the car park This  is a free large  car park. To access the beach from the car park. Cross the main  Corton road B1385 at the crossing point, and walk to  the  downsloping pathway. Follow the path down the slope until you see the steps on the beach. Turn left and walk about 200 yards and then you will find yourself in the naturist area of Corton Beach. The journey from the Car park to the naturist part of the beach takes about 5 minutes.
    Here is a google map view;
    Dropped pin Near Lowestoft https://maps.app.goo.gl/XwZFEGtaws8ncf2T8
    The Free large car park;
    Dropped pin
    Below is a view of the path to the beach
    ;Corton Rd
    So its a busy weekend, so lets have some fun with naked; walks, swims and beach life.

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    On Saturday 31 July Mildenhall  swim club are hosting a Great British Skinny Dip (GBSD) at The Leisure Centre in Bury st Edmunds, Suffolk.
    This will the first swim in Bury. Mildenhall welcomes any BN members and additionally it would be a great event to invite first time Naturists to.
    Here are the booking details below;
    Mikron Theatre on Sunday 18th July 2PM 
    Looking forward to see you all on Sunday.... It's  has been far to long since I've seen some of you and I cant wait. 

    A few things to remember 
    Suntan lotion this is an OUTDOOR event, and its 25degees!  A chair to sit on  To keep us all safe,  if you could please complete a lateral flow before leaving, that would amazing, and keeps us all out in the sunshine in the coming weeks! Mikron Ticket / Receipt  as this is your entry into Sunfolk   ID  Alcohol, soft drinks and food will be on sale via Sunfolk  A smile  Not purchase your ticket

    I have now released a further 20 tickets and camping is still available on Sunday. 
    This years play Explores the extraordinary world of heroic hounds, pampered pedigrees and naughty nobblers through the halls and history of Crufts.
    Rosslyn Glamping are holding another clothing optional period from this coming weekend. From Friday 16th July until Sunday 25th July.
    Located close to the North Norfolk coast. Rosslyn have space for Motorhomes, caravans, trailers and tents.
    The Campsite is set in a woodland with a lawn for sunbathing, an outdoor heated swimming pool and a sauna as well as toilet facilities. The owners Andrew and Clare are very hospitable and friendly.
    The site is within a short distance of The market town of Fakenham and a short drive from Pensthorpe Nature Reserve.
    Here are the details of Rosslyn Glamping;

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Its the return of The Mikron Theatre this weekend at Sunfolk. This event is organised by Sandra. She has organised many popular events before.
    Mikron's performance tells the story of Charles Cruft, how he began the famous Crufts dog show and how he was accused of a serious crime.
    If you would like to know more the details are below;

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Andy Wyman has written an account of  what happened at the Big Bear Cider Company last Sunday;
    By Andy Wyman
    Yes it’s the same old pun and I promised myself I wouldn’t use it for this article…. but failed.
    The latest Eastern Region BN escapade was to the Big Bear Cider Mill near Braintree in Essex. The
    first plus was driving there through some beautiful countryside with pretty villages. Thirty of us
    descended on the mill and were given a really friendly welcome by the owners Mark and Kathryn.
    We were first given a welcome drink called Essex Gold Rush which was so, so easy to knock back
    in one! It was a beautiful sparkling and fresh taste. I put down the empty glass and a miracle
    occurred. Within seconds the glass was full again and this just kept on happening. (I must mention
    here that I was not driving that day!)
    Essex Gold by the way is a nod to the regenerated gravel pits where the orchards have been planted.
    Gravel is known colloquially as Essex Gold.
    Now here’s a test for you. What do these have in common? Foxwhelp, Greensleeves and Tom Putt.
    They are 6 of the 18 traditional apple varieties grown at the orchard. Mark enthusiastically
    explained that everything about the cider is organic and no preservatives are used. He promised us
    there would be no hangover in the morning. As a keen cider drinker at college with a long record of
    hangovers I simply didn’t believe this. I also lived in Somerset as a teenager and thought I knew a
    thing or two about cider. But I was wrong as the next day my head was perfectly clear.
    The Big Bear Cider Mill was created in 2015 and the goal was to produce high end quality cider.
    For every 500 litres they produce, a tonne of apples is used. They have planted the trees, picked the
    apples, made the juice and then fermented the cider.
    Mark showed us around the Mill and explained all the processes and then we were able to relax in
    their outdoor seated area and be treated to more samples. This was our first BN event that was not a
    zoom call since lockdowns began last March. It was so good to be with fellow naturists again,
    laughing and chatting, without a care in the world. As with all our Eastern Region outings we were
    blessed again with positive and friendly hosts in Mark, Kathryn and Emma. Kathryn asked if they
    could have some photos of a group to use in the local press and for publicity. When I said that we
    might get pixellated, Kathryn made it clear that she agreed with us. There’s nothing wrong with
    nudity. And of course there was no shortage of volunteers to have their pictures taken as you can see
    on the BN gallery.
    Thanks again to Robert and his Eastern Region team for such a great afternoon. If you look at the
    list of coming events this summer in the region you’ll see a theatre visit, walks, a vineyard tour,
    camping, swims, garden visits and a canal cruise. There’s even a visit to a secret nuclear bunker but
    shh… don’t tell anyone!! If you’ve never been to a naked event have no fears. You’ll be made
    welcome by other members and before you know it you’ll be booking again
    Here is a Link to the Photo Gallery:
    Big Bear Cider is proving popular. The Event is now Sold Out. The company is about 5 miles outside of Braintree. The visit is on Sunday 27th June from 2:30pm until 4:30pm. The visitors are limited to 30 only. We have many members in Essex. This is going to be an enjoyable event. A Big Bear Cider day brings more Cider your way.
    Here are more details;
    On Sunday 6th June we had our online AGM using Zoom. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the meeting for their time. We would also like to thank every individual voter and clubs for their votes.
    The votes have been collated for you to view;
    AGM VOTES 2021.xlsx
    Rosslyn Glamping have generously opened their site; that has a wonderful outdoor heated swimming pool; for Naturist use again this June.
    The owners are friendly and hospitable. With pitches for Caravans, Motorhomes and Tents. There is plenty of Space to suit your manner of stay. Day trippers are also Welcome.
    On site also are Glamping Trailers to rent if you want that touch of Glamour to your stay.
    If you would like to Book a stay at Rosslyn; it is located in North Norfolk and close to Holkham Beach; here is the link below to their website;
    "glamping North Norfolk www.rosslynglamping.com" https://www.rosslynglamping.com
    Next; We have a visit to the beautiful Fullers Mill Gardens in Suffolk just outside Bury st Edmunds. Close to the A14 and A11. 
    The event is on Sunday 20th June from 5:30pm until 8pm.
    This year the event is partnering with the British Heart Foundation;
    The gardens are Botanical and host rare species of plants from around the world.There are giant Bamboo plants, Alpines, and many other plants that are expertly managed.
    The staff are always willing to help you and can  answer any questions you may have. There is also a large Free Car park.
    There is a seating area with drinks and home made cakes available from the shop. 
    The river Lark runs through the centre of the gardens . The gardens are managed by a team of volunteer gardeners whom are led by a Head Gardener. The gardens were originally private but were left to the public by the last resident of the cottage at the centre of the gardens.
    Last year we had a fun time in the warmth of the sun. We had several first time Naturists attend.
    Do you know someone whom would like to try Naturism?.
    Why not invite them along to enjoy a relaxed natural environment and fresh air. Check out the photos above.
    The Ticket Booking link is below;
    So in in all; some great Events coming up.
    This week we have our Eastern Region  AGM on Sunday 6th June at 11am. The reminder, with the Hyperlink for the online zoom meeting will be sent to members.
    We also have the Peterborough Lido Naked Swim.  On Saturday 12th June from 7:30pm until 10pm. Last held in 2019 as part of The Great British Skinny Dip (GBSD), we had as many as 10 first time naturists attend.
    The Pool is Heated and is of an Olympic size. There is a Poolside  Shop where Food and drinks are available. There are Lockers for personal belongings. Next door to the Lido is a Free large Car Park, The train station is 15 minutes walk away and there is a Premier Inn Hotel nearby to the Lido.
    This is a great event to invite your friends,family and colleagues to try naturism for the first time, in a fun and relaxed way.
    Here are some photos and the link for Booking Tickets;
    Peterborough Lido Naturist Swim - Eastern - British Naturism (bn.org.uk)
    The next few months are exciting.
    Coming up we have many events in the Eastern Region to get involved with;
    We have several  Naturist Walks led by Andrew Roch. in compliance with covid and Ramblers Association guidelines.
    We also have moved the AGM online. We have Brewery visits and Canal boat Trips. The Mikron Theatre group  is giving a performance. We have Museum visits. We have Garden visits  We have nudist beach visits and many more events lined up!
    Please see our Eastern Events listing;
    The Events  are for sale in the BN Shop. Events tickets are being sold quickly, so get onboard and book your tickets ASAP.
    Here is a link to the BN shop;
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