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  • Law and Naturism

    Information on the Law and Naturism may be found at https://www.bn.org.uk/policing/.

  •   Free Downloads

    Children Deserve Better

    The British Naturism report “Children Deserve Better 2016” contains evidence from sound academic sources rather than prejudice or sound bites. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with the welfare of children.

    Legal Guides

    Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have a legal system that we believe can be relied upon to maintain order and to support us in times of need. However this is not always the case when it comes to Naturism in public places. Download our wallet-sized legal guides to the law in relation to public nudity.

    Naturism is Lawful (Leaflet)

    Naked Walking / Hiking is Lawful

    This Leaflet is available from the BN Shop or may be downloaded from here.

  • Online Help Guides

    A number of online 'Help Guides' have been created to assist you to find your way around the website and find the information that you need. These Help Guides can be found at:


    The Help Guides are organised around the following categories:

    • General Information - general information that may be useful to you whether you are logged in or not
    • Not Logged In - information relevant to you if you are not logged in. Most of this applies to 'Guests'.
      • Note: If you are a member and having problems with login then you will find help in this section!
    • Member Login - information relevant to members who are logged into the website
    • BN Shop - information about the BN Shop. Although the BN shop is available to non-members it is important that members read this document and follow the instructions so that they receive the benefits and discounts to which they are entitled
    • Memberships - information about membership of British Naturism, including membership types and fees.


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