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  • Women in Focus - Helen hears from Fiona Discombe


    Helen talks to Fiona D_IGP0586-sm.jpgiscombe from 'Naked Travels'

    Q:  What got you into naturism/nudism?
    A:  I found naturism 20 years ago in Greece. The textile beach was very crowded, so we both walked a bit further and found a beautiful cove with only a few people who were naked. At first I was a little hesitant.  My husband, Michael had already stripped off and after a few minutes I realised that no one was looking at me so decided to join him in the buff!! It felt great, especially swimming naked in the sea with no soggy costume. Since then we have always sought out naturist venues or places with a naturist beach.

    Q:  Is there a difference between the two labels?
    A:  Nudism is more American, and Naturism is more European, Naturism also implies being more natural, and living a more sustainable life. I tend to prefer Naturist.

    Q:  How does it impact your life on a day-to-day basis?
    A:  When possible, I will spend more time naked, and I am now more confident in my own body and accepting of who I am.

    Q:  What challenges do women face in naturism?
    A:  Naturism in the UK has a high percentage of male participants which can make it feel overwhelming for some women. As it is still not widely accepted in society, women may feel judged and worried about participating in naturism.  They may worry that it will be a sexual environment and as they are vulnerable when naked, fear being taken advantage of.  They may also consider that they don’t have the body for naturism due to perceived body image.

    Q:  How can we encourage more women to try it?
    A:  Make sure that it is not about the nudity but more the event or activity and putting on more events that will attract women. Providing a safe venue, talking more about naturism amongst our friends.

    Q:  How can women help in desexualising nudity?
    A:  Spending more time naked especially at home, so children are brought up to respect women as people not just an object, normalising nudity, and breastfeeding in public.

    Q:  How can we encourage body positivity and acceptance?
    A:  More normal models for television adverts and magazines aimed at women, promoting the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect body.

    Q:  What advice would you offer to women curious about naturism? 
    A:  Go with a friend who has already tried naturism, and find a suitable venue.  Beaches are good as there is no pressure to strip off,  however, there are some people there for the wrong reasons. Try and find clothing optional venues, or BN run events.

    Q:  What drives your passion in promoting naturism?
     A:  What drives me to promote naturism is seeing people go from wearing clothes and having preconceived ideas about naturism, to being completely transformed after a few hours without clothes and the joy it brings to people.

    podcast-icon-32.png.e24c9a2fff13fede5540bc7e5a208d76.png Fiona was featured on episode 2 of the Women in Focus podcast. You can listen to her episode here.



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