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  • Women in Focus - Helen hears from Sue May

    side.jpgHelen met Sue May at Nudefest 2022. She lives in Hampshire with her partner Andrew, also a naturist. She’s been a naturist for about 6 years and over that time has become very passionate about promoting naturism and always takes time to speak to new or curious naturists. On holidays she always tries to stay at naturist campsites whether it’s in the UK or abroad.

    Q: What got you into naturism/nudism?
    A: I started sunbathing topless abroad and enjoyed it so started doing in the UK... then I saw Andrew Welch on TV promoting the Great British Skinny Dip, gave it a try at my local skinny dip and I haven't looked back since! 

    Q: Is there a difference between the two labels?
    A: In my mind, a naturist is naked whenever they can be and its appropriate. A nudist is naked 24/7 and is trying to make a point about it. Thats just how i see it but i know it means different things around the world 

    Q: How does it impact your life on a day-to-day basis?
    A: Impact sounds like a negative thing but its easy to deal with. I'm naked all the time at home and in the garden. I put clothes on for shopping, visiting and going into the office etc. I know the boundaries.

    Q: What challenges do women face in naturism generally?
    A: Unfortunately, due to lack of body confidence, women seem to think they will be stared at if they were naked. A big issue is that most women (new or non naturist) perceive that there are very few women at naturist events, beaches etc. This is because fewer women like shouting about it and telling people, therefore are not heard about as much! If more women owned up to it, more women would be seen/heard and it would encourage more women to try it. 

    Q: How can we encourage more women to try it?
    A: Its easier said than done but women only meet ups, maybe, get noticed, talk about it, have a buddy for initial meets/swims. 

    Q: How can women help in desexualising nudity?
    A: Very tricky question! Both men and women can help by raising their kids in a naturist environment, even a partially naturist environment would help. Children need to learn from a young age that its natural. 

    Q: How can we encourage body positivity and acceptance? 
    A: The beauty of naturism is that everyone is included. There is absolutely no discrimination! The majority of new naturists never look back once they have experienced the lifestyle. Getting people to try is the key. We all need to carry on getting the word out. 

    Q: What advice would you offer to women curious about naturism? 
    A: Try it in your house, try it in your garden, feel comfortable with yourself in your own space. If you want to try a skinny dip, take a friend, and go to a naturist beach. 

    Q: What drives your passion in promoting naturism?
    A: The feeling I get when naked! The whole thing, feeling the elements on my skin, the warm sun, cool sea and breeze. It's relaxing and comforting. And my 'family' of naturists; I've met so many wonderful and fun people. 

    Q: Is your family supportive? 
    A: Of course! 

    Q: Has naturism changed since you first got involved? 
    A: There are more naturists at my local beach but only a few are BN members because they just like the beach. I think I notice less YBN events being advertised (not that I am one).

    Q: How do you see the future of naturism?
    A: I think and hope it will keep progressing and although we don't want to convert people, we need to pursue and at least make it more acceptable to be naked in public.

    podcast-icon-32.png.524c9853dd99ec3c8d22b722643f4fd6.png Sue was featured on episode 6 of the Women in Focus podcast. You can listen to her episode here.


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