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    If you have a story that you would like to tell then please send email to "Women in Naturism" (helen.berriman@bn.org.uk)


  • First Naturist Walk

    I got into Naturism about 8 years ago. I met a guy (just a friend) who had been a Naturist for over 30 years. He had a garden that was not overlooked and spent most of his time there naked. He also had a hot tub in a shed in his back garden that we used, but to start with I went in topless. After a few months he persuaded me to strip off in his garden, so I hid behind his shed and disrobed…..well, I could not believe how fresh and invigorating it felt!

    Needless to say, I went from being a shy, overweight lady who didn’t want to show myself to anyone, to being a confident Naturist lady who stripped off whenever she could. When I am dressed I feel frumpy but when I disrobe everything changes - my thoughts, my ideals and my views! I have been visiting Vera Playa for 3 years now and love it there.

    I have just completed my first group naked walk. There were 10 men and myself, which in itself is a little intimidating but I soon got over that and enjoyed the walk immensely. Being overweight, unhealthy and feeling my age, I began to struggle on the inclines, but the guys were really good and slowed the pace so I could keep up. I have never walked so far in my life, I felt really pleased with myself not only to complete the 8 miles but to do the majority of it naked. It would be nice to see more ladies doing this, as I spoke to a couple of the guys who are married but their wives are not interested in Naturism and I feel this is such a shame.

    I am looking forward to doing it again real soon!

    Fay Campbell


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