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    British Naturism at Kiss and Tell


    The Eastern Region has arranged a private viewing of a special art event at the beautiful Christchurch Mansion in the centre of Ipswich in Suffolk.

    Saturday 23rd March 2019

    This spring, join us in Ipswich for what will be East Anglia's once in a lifetime exhibition. Discover the tale behind the lovers in Auguste Rodin's life-size marble sculptureThe Kiss and the work of literature that inspired it. This monumental artwork, on loan from the Tate, is a significant piece in the history of sculpture.

    Several of Rodin's sculptures on loan from the Tate and East Anglian museums and galleries will be displayed in this major exhibition, including portrait sculptures of French novelist Honoré de Balzac and two more of Rodin's sculptures inspired by movement and dance.
    Discover depictions of the body in its natural state and in movement, through sculptures and life drawings from the Ipswich collection, including works by Pre-Raphaelite sculptor Thomas Woolner, Ellen Mary Rope, Maggi Hambling and Elisabeth Frink.


    We have a 2-hour slot on a Saturday afternoon which will include a talk from the museum's art expert Emma Roodhouse, time to browse the exhibits and refreshments. The event will be naturist throughout.

    The event will cost only £5 per person to cover the cost of the hire and refreshments.

    Tickets available from the events website: https://www.bnevents.co.uk/museum-visits


    Naturism, according to the International Naturist Federation, is ".. a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment". It started in most countries in Europe around the start of the 20th century. British Naturism (BN) is the INF's affiliate in the UK and offers support to around 100 naturist clubs and 9000 members.

    Naturism is traditionally practised in clubs, on beaches and on holidays abroad to one of the many resorts, and BN supports and helps provide these. More recently, BN has been promoting events in other suitable places such as gardens, hotels and water parks.

    Many see Naturism as a healthful movement. Discarding clothing changes the way the body is seen. Many of us are defined by our clothes, not only uniforms and rank but also the daily choice to conform or challenge. When clothes are discarded there is a relaxation of stress, an acceptance of what we are. There is also a more matter-of-fact view of the body, naturists will not be the people who put off going to the doctor with worries about testicular or breast cancer. Many people find naturism de-stressing and an antidote to the pressure of modern living. The absence of clothing, especially in the outdoors, produces a feeling of vulnerability, a connection to nature, which is often lost within multiple layers of cloth. Most naturist clubs and resorts are in wooded areas and provide peaceful natural places to walk, swim, sunbathe or play sport.

    British Naturism has over the years helped to establish the difference in law between nudity and sexual conduct, the two are often confused. Most people find it takes only a few minutes or maybe just an hour in a naturist environment to be clear that a body is just a body, and in fact the absence of any clothing removes the distinction between one part and another. Naturism is also fun. In any collection of naturists you will find more activity and more working together than almost anywhere else.

    One of our members living in the Eastern Region visited the "Kiss and Tell" exhibition at Christchurch Mansion and realised that it was a good fit for our view of the world, and that many of our local members would appreciate a chance to meet and to see the exhibition. And thus, "British Naturism at Kiss and Tell" was born. See you there.

    British Naturism Eastern Region

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