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    From the Horse's Mouth...

    Don’t take our word for it…read what people have been saying recently about being members of British Naturism…


    I think British Naturism provides a comprehensive service to naturists, especially those wishing to get together with other naturists. I had no idea before joining how much was available!


    Both my wife and I have been members since 1984 and we want you to know we think the magazine is the best it has ever been.


    The quality and level of contact via email, post and the website is very good. The online events during 'lockdown' have been a brilliant innovation.


    Totally satisfied. I am a new member and new to naturism, but absolutely love it, and wish I'd done it years ago. Everyone I have met is lovely. I would like to go on my first UK holiday this year.


    Over the last few years there has been a steady drip drip of BN doing this, BN doing that, all good positive things, the final straw in getting me to join has been this Corona Virus and the positive action taken by BN, I refer to the online activities, the chat group, naked yoga etc which were highlighted to me by friends


    This morning I’ve been taking a walk around the website, what a fantastic resource you guys at BN have built that I’ve been missing out on, thank you!


    These events are so good I’m going to burn all my clothes and enjoy nothing other than the company of the amazing naturist community. Thank you for making lockdown so bearable.


    Hey, thanks for the great online pub evening! It was great to meet so many people. Haven't been able to have a good chin wag for a while now. Looking forward to the next one!


    First time joining the session and I must say thank you to BN and to Georgia. I have tried Yoga a few times in the past and each time said I would not return. This class was much different. Thank you and I will be back to give it another go. This poor body sure does need it! 


    Now I get the chance to model and draw. Never done either before so just booked and very excited. Thank you for all the great activities BN are organising. It really helps.


    The explosion of euphoria at the end of today’s aerobics class was wonderful to be part of and epitomises what these Zoom sessions mean to everyone. The joy of life laid bare, literally. Thanks Sheryn and everyone in the BN team


    Monday night discussion - I also found it fascinating and thought it was a really worthwhile area of research. I had always assumed that prevailing attitudes to the human body were damaging, but were not recognised as such because they were so normal within our society. In fact people who are or who try to be comfortable with their bodies are sometimes assumed to have a problem.  I can see how Dr West's research could be really helpful to some people in signposting a way to be more at ease with themselves and others.


    I really enjoy Pam's Kitchen. I used to bake and cook a lot when I was young. Got married and my wife took over cooking duties. Now I am enjoying nude cooking again.


    Just finished today’s fitness session with Roy...Now I’ve recovered I’m going to complete my application to join the SAS - I figure that it can’t be any tougher than that (or perhaps I’m just not that fit!)


    We have been naturists for many years but only joined BN just over two and a half years ago and have never looked back. We hope you find what you are looking for here, all we can say is, our experience of being BN members has been nothing but a positive one and we wish we had joined earlier.


    Ready to join them? Find out all you need to know, here...





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