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    Introducing BN's new Vice Chairman

    I’ve been asked to write a few words  to ‘introduce’ myself to readers following my recent appointment as vice chairman. This role has been vacant for some time, so I have been able to step into this position without being formally elected, but I look forward to standing for election in line with our constitution in 2021

    I’m proud to have been a member of British Naturism since the beginning of 2018. In this time, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and speak with many other members who have given me far more confidence as a naturist, and helped me to understand why naturism is such an important part of my life

    I’ve had some great experiences as a British Naturism member over this time – skinny dipping in the Lake District, climbing mountains with other members in the Scottish Highlands, competing at the INF swimming gala in Paris and samba dancing at Nudefest - to mention just a few of the highlights.

    I enjoy naturism in lots of different ways, but especially in the great outdoors – you’ll often find me participating in naturist walks with NatRam and other groups, or seeking out remote beaches, lakes and rivers for a spot of wild swimming

    I’m originally from the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset (Studland was my local beach as a child), but I now live in Central London with my partner Shaun. Shaun is also a naturist, so I’m lucky to be able to share many of my experiences with him.

    Outside of naturism, I work in a management role for a major national retailer and sing classical music for a number of different choirs in London and across the South of England – you might even see me popping up on TV for the Last Night of the Proms every now and again!

    Although I work in the private sector, there is long history of public service in my family, so it is important to me to be able to make contribute to those organisations that are significant for me. As such, I was keen to get more involved in helping to manage British Naturism when the opportunity came up

    In my role as vice chairman, I’ll be supporting members of the British Naturism Executive Committee to ensure that our organisation is effectively and efficiently managed, that it takes decisions that are consistent with its objective to promote naturism in the UK and that it grasps opportunities to become more successful and relevant to existing and future generations of naturists

    A lot of my work as vice chairman will be ‘behind the scenes’, but I’ll also be helping out with a couple of higher profile projects such as the development of the British Naturism Sunfolk site and the relaunch of the British Naturism shop. I look forward to meeting and hearing from even more members in my new role, but if you’d like to know any more about me or my role or to share your thought with me, you’d be most welcome to get in touch.

    Jon Williams


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