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    IT’s all happening - do you have the skills to help?

    Embracing the online world and the information and communication benefits it offers is essential for any organisation these days - and British Naturism is no exception. Here’s an overview of where we are, what we’re up to - and how you can help!

    Our BN IT Systems

    We’re active in so many ways!


    Keep your website in vision!

    Our main website at bn.org.uk is generated using a Content Management System (CMS) called Invision. The off-the-shelf version has been considerably enhanced by BNs IT volunteers over the years. A new release is expected for 2025 and because of our enhancements it will take a lot of work to make sure our code still works. For those that are interested, we use cPanel for admin involving files, databases and email.


    Hey BN Bro, youre aMember Pro!

    aMember Pro is the software used for our membership system.  This has also been enhanced, and connects with BNs other systems, for example to support membership verification and linking for logins to both the website and BN shop at shop.bn.org.uk which itself is hosted on Shopify.


    No monkeying about, lets get those newsletters out!

    We have configured MailChimp to create the newsletter systems and subscriber databases for the weekly BN ezine and periodic regional newsletters, which keep us all informed of BN news and events.


    A massive presence!

    Not all of our online presence is directly maintained by the BN IT team, but we get involved when needed. Thanks to the volunteers who help with them! They include the Women in Naturism podcast podcast.bn.org.uk/womeninfocus, outreach projects for the Great British Skinny Dip greatbritishskinnydip.co.uk and Naked Heart Walks nakedheartwalk.org.uk, dedicated event events.bn.org.uk or venue sites for ‘EveryBody’ thisiseverybody.co.uk and British Naturism: Sunfolk sunfolk.bn.org.uk, and a variety of social media accounts including Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram and You Tube.



    BN IT projects

    We are excited to be able to tell you about a few of the forthcoming IT projects that will be enhancing this website:


    Modern Look-&-Feel: having listened to member feedback we have set up a team to design and implement a more modern look. As part of this project, we will look at how to improve navigation, reducing the number of clicks required to get to desired content. As mentioned before, the customisation we’ve made to the off-the-shelf software will need to be taken into account when the new version of the software is released.


    Calendar management and integration: we are lucky to have many events that we need to make people aware of, both inside and outside of Naturism - and they are currently listed in many different places. We are looking to bring them all together in one place, namely the BN website calendar bn.org.uk/events, making it easier to find them and avoiding the need for event hosts to add them in multiple online locations.



    If you are you looking to expand your experience in developing IT solutions - check out the following!

    We are seeking to expand our team of IT developers with opportunities for you to use and develop your skills in many disciplines; whether you are relatively new to IT or have long experience your skillset could benefit the Naturist community.


    Google Analytics Gurus

    Use your current Google Analytics (GA) skills and develop new GA4 skills for further career opportunities or just out of intellectual curiosity, Your expertise will help understanding and the best implementing of GA features such as:

    • Explorations and custom reports
    • Path analysis
    • Domain tracking


    Restful Web & CMS Developers

    Opportunities exist to learn and expand your experience of developing RESTful applications, developing APIs using JSON to support interaction between BN and various internal and external systems. Including designing and building databases, pages and developing widgets using PHP and the traditional web technology stack of HTML, CSS and Javascript. BNs CMS is Invision, similar to Wordpress, so Invision experience is not necessary.

    Along the journey, you will be able to increase your knowledge and experience of using SQL, cPanel and CloudLinux on real world systems.


    UI/UX Designers

    Use your analytical and design skills to help BN rejuvenate our website and ensure it is attractive, relevant and exciting to our community by developing the new look and feel”.


    • The look: help BN formulate page structure & layout
    • The feel: help BN redesign the navigation so our users can find content directly, with the fewest ‘clicks’


    Lets infuse our naturist zest for life, creativity and positivity into our website!


    aMember Pro developers

    With over 75,000 websites using aMember Pro, experience of developing and maintaining BNs implementation will be great experience for anyone looking to work on other websites (such as gyms etc) involving memberships or integration with CMSs and payment systems.


    Please get in touch if you would like to gain or use your experience in any of the areas above; it would be great to include you in our team of BN IT Volunteers! Please note that volunteers must be members of British Naturism and based in the UK.

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