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    New Developments in British Naturism Virtual Events

    British Naturism’s online community events proved a success through COVID-19 restrictions and continue to be popular as we have gradually returned to normality.  Community events are available to members only and include things such as virtual pub nights, quizzes, coffee mornings, a book club, discussions through The Forum Live, as well as opportunities to support to specific groups such as YBN and our female members.

    2022 presents the challenge for us to try even more new and exciting things.  As a first step, we have updated our booking system so it fits seamlessly into the British Naturism shop.  It is now easier to use and allows you to book real-world events, virtual events and purchase merchandise in the same place.  To book online community events, sign into the shop and book the sessions here.

    The codes have all been regenerated, so be sure to rebook for your favourite sessions if you don’t want to be left out!

    With the technical work done, new opportunities will appear throughout the year, so we expect 2022 to be the best year for the British Naturism community yet.  If you are not already member, there is no better time to give it a try.

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