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    Online Events Showcase: Laughter Yoga

    Are you free tomorrow night and in need of a 'de-stress'?  Perhaps you would like to try something new to you.  Laughter Yoga is a completely different experience from a traditional yoga session.  This is a ‘let it all go’ class.  What is it all about?  Leave your inhibitions and stress at your front door, and be prepared to 'ho ho ho' and 'ha ha ha' with some free dancing, and actually force some laughter.  

    Apparently your body doesn't know the difference from spontaneous laughter to 'pretend' laughter, but the bonus is that the release of laughter helps to relieve stress and relax your body.  

    Did you know that we run over 100 online events every month? You can find details of them all on our events website. Choose from fitness classes and community sessions. The latter are free to BN members and members of other international Naturist federations. Not a member? Join here!)

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