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    Our new campaign: Big-up BN!

    British Naturism membership is growing - help us to keep it rising!


    The pandemic made the last year a tough one – but BN members still had something to smile about. Collectively, we came together as a community and determined to make the most of a difficult situation. 

    We were quick to roll out our range of online events when the first lockdown hit, and the positivity we all find in Naturism soon grabbed the attention of a media that was eager to find upbeat stories during hard times. 

    So great was the attention in fact, that we enjoyed an influx of new members – including a fair number from overseas. And with so much to do online as a BN member, we also had fewer people deciding to let their subscriptions lapse. As a result, we have the highest number of members we’ve had since 2014! 

    Whether you’re brand new to BN or have been part of our community for years, we’re glad and grateful to have you as a member. But we don’t want to stop growing – and you can help us keep the momentum going. 

    The more of us there are, the more we can do 

    We may be enjoying a surge in membership, but there are still thousands of active Naturists in the UK who aren’t members of British Naturism. 

    Will you big-up BN and see if they’d like to join our wonderful community? 

    When BN membership grows, the benefits extend to everyone who enjoys living clothes-free: 

    • More financial resources mean more services for our members, AND to fund the important campaigning work we do on behalf of all Naturists – in the UK and beyond.
    • With more volunteers, we can work towards our shared goals more effectively.
    • A stronger community has a louder voice – leading to a greater ability to open doors and to demonstrate that Naturists need to be listened to 

    So, here’s a challenge for each and every member. During 2021, we’d like you to think about the Naturists you know and, if they aren’t members already, encourage them to join us. (They can do that here - https://www.bn.org.uk/membershipinfo/)

    There’s no need to persuade them to give Naturism a try – these are people who already know how wonderful it is to spend time naked. And for less than £4 a month, they could be enjoying it even more, while helping to make our lifestyle more commonplace than ever. 

    Big-up BN and see what happens! People often respond well to personal recommendations.
So please, tell them about all the good things we do for all Naturists in the UK and how much you get out of being a member!

    You can also point them towards the web page we’ve set up at goodtimes.bn.org.uk, where they can see all they need to know about British Naturism today and send a link to our Guide to Naturism

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