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    Supporting Gender Equality through TheNakedTruth and Women in Focus

    Sharing the joy, freedom, and confidence that Naturism brings is British Naturism’s primary objective.  Today we celebrate International Women’s Day by looking at work that has been done to support women in particular.

    Since the beginning of the year, we have been running two outreach campaigns, TheNakedTruth video soundbite campaign and the Women in Focus podcasts.  Both campaigns are of interest to all people and match very closely the International Women’s Day 2024 theme of “Inspire Inclusion”.



    TheNakedTruth is a social media campaign that uses 20-40 second video soundbites to answer frequently asked questions and share people’s stories of how Naturism has helped them.  The ages of people watching the videos are spread evenly across adult life and there are equal numbers of male and female viewers overall.  However, when looking at engagement below the age of 44 we see that 68% of viewers are women.  This fits with what we know about the effect of society’s pressure on the body image and therefore mental wellbeing of young women and that many young women are seeking opportunities to reclaim their identities.  We have a duty to stand up against the negative stereotyping and unequal treatment that young women face so often and we frequently hear how the acceptance and equality found in Naturism can bring peace of mind.

    TheNakedTruth soundbites can be found in several places, and we would encourage people to check them out, subscribe and share the clips that resonate with them.






    Women in Focus Podcasts

    The second campaign uses a longer podcast format to showcase the views of female Naturists in more depth.  Women In Naturism Officer, Helen Berriman, has interviewed a series of women with stories to tell about Naturism and about their lives and the podcasts are released at monthly intervals.  If you are looking for something to sink your teeth into about how nude recreation can have a positive impact on your life, they are certainly worth a listen.  Although the podcasts focus on the experiences of women, the stories will resonate with everybody and can be found here:


    Together these campaigns share the positive experiences that can be found in Naturism and advance the gender equality that Naturism can provide.  A suitable topic for International Women’s Day.

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