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    The Forum Live debate - Campaigns for 2024

    The promotion and protection of Naturism are core objectives of British Naturism and one of the major reasons for our existence.  We recently put out a call to members for prospective campaign ideas and received many great suggestions.  These ideas have now been distilled into six campaign proposals for 2024 that tackle different aspects of Naturism in different ways.  At the The Debate next week on The Forum Live we will talk through those ideas and more importantly discuss how they can be fine-tuned and moved forwards.  More important than finding the concept is finding the volunteers to deliver them.  Therefore, we will be looking for people keen to be involved or to lead some of these ideas and hope that the discussion will move things forward.

    So if you are keen to be involved in advancing acceptance and opportunities to participate in Naturism, do join us on Monday and be part of the discussion.

    Join us on the night from the BN shop

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