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    The Forum Live: How did you get into Naturism?

    So, how did you get into Naturism? 

    That's the topic for next Monday's session. It's always an interesting one, how each of us became aware of social nudity, the activities there were, the places to visit, the vast, global community of like-minded people. Some of us had to dragged kicking and screaming into it, some of us couldn't wait to be part of it. Many stumbled across a beach on holiday to discover that no one was wearing a costume or were introduced by a friend or relative. Whichever it was, we're all here now and loving it! 

    Our session next Monday (13 July) will feature breakout rooms, where you will meet others and you can tell them all about your journey, and learn about theirs...

    Book your place now - it's free!

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