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    The Forum Live - in with the IT crowd

    We turn our attention inward once again next Monday 8 July for the Forum Live and meet our esteemed IT team. I'll be speaking to volunteers John Weir and Steve Froggatt about the huge range of work they do keeping BN alive and thriving online.

    Amongst other things we'll be looking at the various sites we operate and maintain, the daily challenges and problems they have to overcome (they always do), both obvious and behind-the-scenes, impending software-platform updates to this website and the work that will be involved, and our project to revise and simplify BN calendars and event listings. We'll also hear about volunteers already recruited to the team and the many vacancies still left to fill. 

    Join us on the night over in the BN shop


    Photo by Andras Vas on Unsplash

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