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    The Forum Live - Meet the Volunteers!

    Next Monday (6th June), I will have the pleasure of welcoming a panel of new BN volunteers to the Forum Live. As you will have already seen from this morning's other news story, it's Volunteers' Week, and so such a session is well-timed (on purpose, actually, as I am sure you guessed...)

    I'll be asking our panellists to talk about their roles and the work they are doing, why they volunteered, what they hope to achieve, and how the organisation and members can support them. 

    We'll also raise the profile of volunteering within BN generally, talking about current opportunities and the benefits that accrue to both the organisation and to individuals through volunteering. We hope to capture the spirit of Volunteers Week and get more people to think about volunteering with BN.

    Oh, and as mentioned in the Volunteers' Week story - bring wine and cake (or whatever you like) to celebrate our volunteers!

    Join the session on the night via the online events tab in the BN shop

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