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    The Great British Take Off - Today's the Day!

    I’ve got nothing on today, how about you?


    And so the day arrives! Today’s the day that we encourage everyone to strip down to nothing to enjoy the liberated and exhilarating feeling that comes from being naked.

    If you can do it in the fresh air and sunshine then that’s great. If not, whack up the heating and do it indoors…

    We’ve loved the attention! The British media have not hesitated to promote this event far and wide. We’ve appeared on TV, contributed to stories in national newspapers The Sun, Mail Online, iNews and The Daily Star, helped many regional and local newspapers and websites to feature the details and it’s been mentioned to millions by Philip Schofield and Steve Wright. There’s more to come too…

    Here’s a reminder of what it’s all about:



    And by the way, it’s perfectly legal. By all means tell the neighbours, but there is no need to warn them even if you are overlooked. So long as you are not revealing yourself with the intention of upsetting people, it's fine. We’ve been hearing this week from our members that neighbours are thinking of joining in….

    It's also for Charity. BN are supporting British Heart Foundation in 2020 and you can be sponsored to 'Take Off' or make a donation. Maybe this will help you if you are taking that first nude step outside, or to encourage people to join in with you.

    We’ve launched some additional online events for today with the event hosts donating their time for free to raise money for BHF. IN addition to the usual Saturday programme, there’s fitness, yoga, and ‘Pimms on the lawn’.

    In between times, here’s a few ideas of what you could get up to (all in the buff, of course…):

    Sunbathe, read, sit in the hot tub, take afternoon tea (or something stronger), have BBQ, do some weeding or watering, paint a fence, clear out the shed, play games, kick a ball around, throw a frisbee, do a jigsaw puzzle, hang out the washing, wash windows, listen to a podcast or audio book, do the housework…

    We’d love to hear what you are doing today. Please let us know on any (or all!) of the following sites:

    BN Facebook

    BN on Twitter

    BN's Instagram page

    and send any photos to this address

    And the fun goes on…

    It will still be legal tomorrow, and the day after…so keep the momentum going and check out bn.org.uk for everything else that we do. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we can gather together again - being a Naturist with other people is even better than doing it alone. You can even join us, sign up for news and become part of a vibrant community.

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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