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    The National Trust and British Naturism – Working Together to Support Everybody

    The National Trust are stewards for over 500 historic houses and gardens, 250,000 hectares of land and 780 miles of coastline, making them arguably the largest leisure influencer in the UK.  British Naturism has a productive history of cooperation with National Trust locations such as Studland beach or Scotney Castle in Kent.

    The National Trust are committed to providing equal access and enjoyment to everyoneand attempt to support all groups equally.  While the Trust is overseen by a central committee, each of the locations act independently in many respects, and recent discussions with the Trust have resulted in the creation of a guidance note to explain Naturism to the managers of individual locations.  The guidance note provides managers with the information they need to support a Naturist event at their venue and key aspects will also be woven into their internal guidance.  Crucially, these notes have arisen from collaborative conversations so don’t attempt to set one group as more important than others, and instead create a framework where all visitors have equal status.

    We are collectively optimistic that these new steps will strengthen the relationship between British Naturism and the National Trust, make it easier for Naturist visits to be arranged and bring new members to the National Trust.  An outcome that benefits everybody.



    Thanks to Sskips for the image from NT's Scotney Castle

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