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    There’s still time to skinny dip!

    The nights may be drawing in, but the Great British Skinny Dip continues! If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to sign up for an event (or two!).

    Whether you’re a seasoned skinny dipper or a nudie-newbie, why not experience the freedom of swimming in the buff? Don't listen to conventional thought that says 'nude is rude', or that swimming naked with others is somehow provocative.

    And don't pay attention to the 'wisdom' that says you must have the perfect body or everyone will stare at and judge you. We're all perfect! And it's exhilarating to swim in our natural state.

    Check out the brand-new event at Arundel Lido in Sussex. And the first GBSD in Northern Ireland - a big beach event at Portstewart Strand for British Heart Foundation (pictured)

    From mental health and body positivity to just feeling the rush of being alive, there are many health benefits to being naked. But if you need another reason to skinny dip, why not do it for a great cause? The Great British Skinny Dip supports the nation's largest heart charity, the British Heart Foundation, and we encourage participants to raise vital funds to power the nation’s heartbeats.

    Check out these upcoming swims:


    TODAY! September 2:

    Race Hub - Six Hills Lake, Leicester


    September 5:

    Portstewart Strand, Londonderry


    September 7:

    Shap Lido, Cumbria


    September 10:

    Arundel Lido, Sussex


    September 11:

    Wigton Pool, Cumbria

    Great East Skinny Dip, Essex

    Oxnat, Oxfordshire


    September 12:

    L’Ancresse Bay, Guernsey


    September 18:

    Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire



    How to get involved!

    - Check out the calendar of skinny dips - to see where you can go...

    Read inspiring stories and keep up with Great British Skinny Dip news on our Blog page!

    - Find a venue! Do you operate one? Know of one near you? Come and tell us - or organise your own skinny dip!

    - Show your support! There are plenty of downloads available.


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