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    Vision for Twenty-twenty

    Naturists came from all over the UK coming together to help shape the future of BN.

    On Saturday around forty members from our Eastern and LASER regions met at one of the oldest sun clubs in the UK, The Sunfolk Society, established in 1931, for a Vision Day. It was the second in the series and and was designed for feedback and discussion rather than presentation based. Most of the time is given to members to collaborate and have their say. 

    We also held our AGM - another opportunity for members to vote and have their say in the running of the business. 

    Following elections, a number of people officially joined the EC, or were confirmed in an existing role and or took up a new challenge, as follows:

    President, Mark Bass

    Finance Director, Phil Hughes

    International Director, Edwin Kilby

    Regional Co-ordinators: Eastern Region, Robert Finney; South West, Mike Whitcombe; Yorkshire and East Midlands Andrew Calow.

    All motions were passed:

    To Approve the Annual Report

    To Increase Membership Fees by £1 per person

    To Adopt the Modification of the Bye-Laws


    Main Photo: Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash

    Other photos: BN/Mark Bass

    To Adopt the Modification of the Articles






    Edited by Andrew Welch

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