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    Women in Focus podcast - new episode launches today!

    Join host Helen Berriman, BN's Women's Officer, for a new episode of the podcast from British Naturism, dedicated to celebrating and empowering women in the Naturist community. Our podcast is created by women for women, although we warmly invite men to join us and listen as well.

    In each episode, we delve into insightful conversations, exploring various aspects of Naturism through the lens of womens' experiences. Whether you are a seasoned Naturist, new to the way of life or just intrigued, we aim to educate and inspire. We highlight the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of women in Naturism. Promoting body acceptance and self love, we explore how women across the planet have shed their clothes and freed up their minds, leading them toward a more fulfilling life in all areas; one that no longer keeps them restricted - emotionally, mentally, physically, and in all other ways.

    Episode three is available to listen to now and features Angela de la Cruz, a promoter of nudism and adventurer living in Guadalajara, Mexico. She also runs online clothing-optional Spanish language and yoga classes. She is fairly recent convert to naturism which helped her overcome the traumas of her past, reclaim her sense of self - and changed her life.

    The BN Women in Focus podcast is available on the following platforms: 


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