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    Women in Naturism in the media again...

    Donna Price, British Naturism's Women in Naturism co-ordinator certainly keeps the profile high, ably assisted by husband John. Their latest interview has been published far and wide and we know there are more examples to come. So far we've seen it - always lavishly illustrated (even if editors do feel that pixellating certain parts of a normal, everyday naked human is necessary) in walesonline, the Hull Daily Mail, Gloucestershire Live, Lincolnshire Live, inyourarea.co.uk, flipboard.com and comicsands.com. 

    You can find out more about the campaign, including many first-person stories from Naturism women about how social nudity enhances their lives, and how to get involved. Members' can also access our Women Special Interest Group and engage with other Naturist women. On the first Sunday of every month we also host a live chat session called 'Women Uncovered'. 

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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