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  • Sheryn

    A Weekend on the English Riviera

    A weekend in June all eyes (and bare bodies) headed to the South Coast for two days of action packed fun.

    The South West region is one of the most active BN regions and tends to get some of the best of the UK weather. This particular weekend the weather wasn't exactly balmy (like the weekend before) but was pleasant enough to bare all at several regional locations.

    If you had based yourself around Bournemouth for the weekend you could have joined in the action at Splashdown Waterpark on Saturday 24th June. Splashdown is a Waterpark that doesn't really have a pool! - it's more of a theme park with over a dozen rides and flumes. Numbers were well up on previous years with the new June dates and as usual this adrenaline packed evening attracted a younger crowd with well over 60% being (or certainly looking) under 40... If you were peering through the windows (which incidentally were blacked out) you certainly wouldn't think that Naturism is perceived as an ageing pastime!

    On Sunday 25th June,  it was a day on the beach at the stunning Studland Beach. This beautiful National Trust location is for me one of the nicest beaches in the UK. If you had made the decision to go by weather app or ceefax then you missed out - they totally got it wrong, whilst they got the windy bit right, they certainly got the sunny bit wrong, from around midday it turned in to a good few hours of sunshine and the 50 or so bodies that had made the trek across the dunes were paid back for their efforts.

    The next Studland Beach day is on the 27th August - perhaps see you there....

    All the best

    Mark Walsh, BN Events Manager

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