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    How are you coping with the heatwave?

    This is an article that we published last year but we thought in view of the circumstances we'd bring it to you again! Two heatwaves in successive years in the UK? Aren't we lucky!

    You know that temperatures are soaring over Britain when at least one national newspaper prints a picture of a young woman sunbathing in her bra and pants during her lunch hour, taking advantage of the weather and adapting to her circumstances.

    Or perhaps she's using a modicum of common sense? When it's cold, it's intuitive - and socially acceptable - to keep putting on layers until you are warm enough. So, on days like today when it's sweltering and we are sweating in our clothes, feeling mighty uncomfortable, irritable and unable to concentrate, it should be equally acceptable to do the opposite; remove layers until you feel cool again. That probably means all layers, until all that protects you is your own skin. Surely it's not just Naturists that see the sense in that? 

    Sadly, decades of social conditioning about what's 'right' or is 'appropriate behaviour' (and what's not) in our society possibly mean that the woman in the picture consciously kept her underwear on when it would have been more sensible to take it off too. We're all (broadly) the same underneath and yet we cling to small strips of fabric even when we don't need to for the sake of 'modesty'. The purpose of clothes is to keep us warm and dry, and you don't need either aspect during a heatwave. You may be reading this and thinking of the social status conferred by what we wear, but do you really need that artificial boost to the ego when you are relaxing in the sun? 

    Naturism is also perfectly legal and we've also just published this article that shows how we've worked with the police to make the situation even clearer. Sunbathing naked in your garden is an easy way to start - and so what if the neighbours can see? How can anyone argue with your desire to cool off in the most sensible way?

    There's plenty going on in Naturism in the UK and there's a lot more activity than just sunbathing. See our event calendar. Millions of people around the world have discovered the wonderful feeling that comes from spending time without clothes, come and join them. Nothing's better!


    Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


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