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    It may be Normal but I'd rather be Natural

    Daisy Edgar-Jones, the lead female actor in the BBC's hugely successful adaptation of the book “Normal People”, told the Daily Star that she had spent so much time naked she was thinking of becoming a Naturist.

    The paper called BN for a comment but our response didn't make it into the article. What did make it was the body confidence boost she got from the experience. She told the Star "Doing Normal People has been quite an empowering thing because I had to accept very early on that really there was nothing I could change about the way I looked. I thought, 'Oh, my gosh, I feel so liberated. Maybe I'll be a naturist'."

    The programme did contain a lot of simple natural nudity including some full frontal male shots. However, it was more famous for its plethora of sex scenes which became a favourite  joke on BBC's Dead Ringers. Daisy told the Star how much they had been helped by a special “Intimacy Coordinator”. She said "We were really lucky that when we filmed them, we had a wonderful intimacy coordinator called Ita O'Brien and she is just amazing”

    The BN comment that didn't make it into the article was nice. We told the Star:-
    We’d certainly encourage Daisy to decide to continue being naked, unscripted and outside of the studio. Despite what people might think, Naturists are also 'Normal People' from all walks of life and backgrounds.”

    Our title - with apologies to Truman Capote and his novel “Breakfast at Tiffany's"

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