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    Moorways goes our way?

    Derbyshire Live news website has a feature on the construction of a brand new sports village on the site of the old Moorways Stadium in Derby.

    A major feature of the village will be a state of the art pool complex with “WOW Wave Ball”, no less than two four-storey flumes and a 50 metre pool that can be divided into different sections. The local Council are certainly on the ball and Councillor Robin Wood seemed on the crest of a wave when he told the “Derbyshire Live” reporter that the new complex would be ideal for naturists swimming sessions if such a demand existed.

    Councillor Wood was reported as saying: "As an institution we wanted to give residents something extra, instead of just a 50m pool, it's a leisure pool as well and we are asking 11-year-olds how they would like it to be decorated as they will be using it the most. I think it'll be worth the wait, it'll be so much more than just a pool, the pool itself will be very flexible as we can divide it into three sections and have different things on at different times for marginalised groups. 

    "So we could have a women's only swimming session, there's a possibility even of a nudist swimming session because there has been a demand for that so all of that can be accommodated without closing the whole pool." 

    It is a rather impressive project with work continuing throughout the Covid crisis and seems to be reasonably on time and budget. Apart from the “nudists welcome” message another interesting feature is that the exterior cladding will change colour depending on the sun's position.


    Image from the INF Gala 2019 courtesy of Vincent Mottez

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