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    Women in Naturism - the relaunch

    Encouraging more women into Naturism and BN

    It is a fact that Naturism appeals more intuitively to men than women, though women are often more passionate about it and report a greater life-changing experience. Many women also state that they were introduced to Naturism by a husband or boyfriend and were hesitant, but now can't imagine life without it and believe it to be good for them and their children.  

    In these enlightened days of the 21st Century, it’s disappointing to see that we women only make up 30% of BN membership. Mind you, that’s still 2,500 of us! I’m delighted to be one of them, Naturism has done wonders for my self-confidence and I enjoy being a part of this safe, welcoming, non- judgemental organisation. I know from speaking to the Naturist women that I meet that they feel the same. Many women are hung up on poor body image. It is difficult to persuade women (and men) that Naturists don’t see ‘the body’, they see the person. I feel that I want to help them discover the freedom and pleasure of simple nudity. They’d have a fantastic new social life too!

     Many of the men we meet at events on their own have a woman in their lives who refuses or is reluctant to join in and I’d like to help them find a way to encourage a change of heart. 

     I’ve recently agreed to help get BN’s Women in Naturism campaign off the ground again. There’s plenty we can do including organising specific gatherings for women, speaking about Naturism in the media, encouraging Naturist women to bring friends to events or clubs, and participating in women’s groups on- and offline to spread the word. It would also be great to see more women involved in BNs management.

    As a first step, I am hoping to create a national network of Naturist women, with the aim of putting them in touch with others in their own areas or areas that they may be visiting. Hopefully, between us, we can make a difference, not only to the number of women happily participating in Naturist events but also to the lives of women who haven’t (yet!) discovered how rewarding and relaxing social nudity can be!

    Please do get in touch with me on the website members’ forum (log in required) by private message - I am ‘Donna Price’ - or email me on the address given below - and say hello.You won’t be press-ganged into any commitments, but I’d be interested in your thoughts and ideas, especially if you do want to become more involved in arranging social meets in your area.

    Donna Price


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