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    British Naturism Magazine - BN190 Winter 2011

    The winter 2011 edition (BN 190) is packed with great news, features and travel reports from the world of naturism. Next year promises to be a very important 12 months in the life of British Naturism. As we report from the 2011 annual meeting, some changes to our structure will not only help BN’s finances but also hopefully enable us to market ourselves better, especially in London and the South-East.

    We have our first-ever national convention coming soon, as well. As we reveal in BN 190, this will be a conference and training weekend which replaces the annual clubs and regions meeting and which we hope will give members something different to look forward to.

    There are details of the big BN events including Blackpool and another week-long Nudefest, while we have a first glance at the programme of Big Days Out for next summer.

    Our travel section covers France and some diverse venues in Northern Europe such as Lithuania and Denmark, while BN’s clubs have been busy writing reports about their 2011 seasons - there is plenty to report!

    Our features section includes former BN official photographer Bill Richards on how he went to some extraordinary heights to get a nude picture, while there is also some good advice on how to get your naturist holiday photographs digitally printed by the High Street chains.

    All this together with our comprehensive list of What's On, club reports, swim and sauna listings.

    Don't forget that the magazine and recent past issues are also available for BN members to download in the members' area.

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