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    British Naturism Magazine - How to submit content, advertise, plus deadline and travel feature information

    How to contribute to the Magazine

    The best way to make a submission is to use the email address magazine@bn.org.uk. Alternatively, please send items to BN head office (address here), preferably on CD. Microsoft Word is the preferred format for written pieces. Please ensure that digital photographs are 150dpi or larger. Please send pictures separately and not within your text document. As a last resort, please send your contribution on paper, typed if you can. Printed photographs are also acceptable, of course.

    All contributions, including photographs, submitted to BN are sent at the owner’s risk and, whilst every care is taken, neither the publishers nor their agents accept liability for loss or damage. Receipt is not normally acknowledged for posted submissions unless a stamped, addressed envelope is enclosed. Photographs should bear the photographer’s name and address, and be accompanied by authorisation to publish signed by all recognisable therein. Our photographer’s model release form is available on request and can also be downloaded from here.

    We do not normally publish contributions that do not carry the author’s name, but we are prepared to withhold this if really necessary. Contributions sent anonymously or over false names will be ignored. The editor reserves the right to shorten or amend any item and to refuse or modify any advertisement without giving a reason. No guarantee is given that any advertisement will be inserted in a specified issue, or at all, though every effort will be made to meet advertisers’ wishes. Whilst we are always pleased to receive comments on readers’ letters, with a view to publication, for organisational reasons it is not always possible to forward mail to our contributors.

    Disclaimer: Whilst the magazine is concerned with BN’s activities, it also affords a platform for wider views. Opinions expressed editorially or by contributors do not necessarily represent the views of BN, nor is BN responsible for claims made in advertisements.

    How to get Editorial

    We welcome articles and news items from naturist resorts and other naturist businesses – we feel it is important to provide comprehensive information on the naturist world to our readers, especially when new things are happening.  There is no charge for publishing editorial content but please help us to plan our future issues by asking for something to be included as early as possible. Travel features can run outside the specified issue, if space allows. We insist on feature articles, such as holiday reports, being written by happy guests and not the owner or operator. However, in order to bring a new place or business to the attention of our readers, we will publish an article written by the owner or operator on one occasion.

    We cannot guarantee that items submitted will be published, nor in the place in the magazine you ask for, but we will always do our best to comply with any individual requests. Articles will not be published without pictures, and in the same way, pictures will not be published without text to accompany them.

    Please contact BN’s Commercial Manager Andrew Welch for further information and to discuss time scales, word length, method of submission etc.

    For advertisers

    If you would like to advertise with British Naturism, in the magazine, on the website, sponsor an event, or any other form of advertising, please email : magazine@bn.org.uk

    We will be able to provide you with all the details, rate card and dimension criteria (where applicable).

    Magazine submission deadlines

    BN magazine is published four times a year – here are the publication deadlines:

    • Spring – web publication in last week of February, postal distribution in second week of March, deadline for submissions January 1st.
    • Summer – web publication in last week of May, postal distribution in second week of June, deadline for submissions April 1st.
    • Autumn – web publication in last week of August, postal distribution in second week of September, deadline for submissions July 1st.
    • Winter – web publication in last week of November, postal distribution in second week of December, deadline for submissions October 1st.

    Please note that these are the FINAL dates – please send to us as soon as you can. It is useful if you send a note or email in advance to let us know that you are planning to send or produce something for consideration.

    For resorts, or other holiday places, we run a special travel feature in each issue. Contact details can be found on this page.

    Next Mini-Features

    In each issue of the magazine we will feature travel and holiday articles on a specific part of the world – if you’d like to make a contribution, here’s the schedule:

    • Spring – Spain and her islands (Balearics and Canaries);
    • Summer – southern Europe and the UK;
    • Autumn – Long-haul destinations and northern Europe;
    • Winter – France and “off the beaten track” – places where you have found naturism in unexpected corners of the world.

    Deadline and publication dates can be found below so get writing and send the best of your pictures, too. We will receive articles at any time, so don’t wait until just before the appropriate issue to send yours in – in fact for planning purposes, the earlier the better.

    To keep the magazine as balanced as possible, we will try to have travel reports outside of the “special” feature in each issue, so if your article does not appear in the issue you have planned it for, don’t worry, it doesn’t follow that it has been abandoned!

    If you have any queries, or would like guidance on writing a suitable article, please contact us on magazine@bn.org.uk, or call head Office.


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