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    Erections and Naturism

    In terms of your concerns about erections, you are not the first to be worried about this; nor will you be the last. I hope that I am able to put your mind at rest with the following information.

    I have been a Naturist for a long time and YBN has many members that are completely new to Naturism and to being naked socially. Nearly all of the members have shown the same concern about getting an erection when they first joined. However when it comes to the crunch of making the step into 'public' nudity there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

    It is quite normal that guys’ hormones can be a little wild when they are going through puberty and soon after. It is perfectly natural for your body to react in ways that you have no control over, without any reason or warning… It can be a worrying time, full of confusion and doubt.

    The thing to remember when you are in a naturist environment is that although there are lots of naked bodies, it is not sexual in any way. But if when you are naked and feel that you may be getting aroused then you just need to make an effort to cover it up; you can wrap a towel around yourself or roll on your front etc; it is not acceptable to walk around with an erection.

    But don't get too hung up on this issue, it really is nothing to worry about! The thought and worry will go away as soon as you arrive and strip off with everyone else!

    Naturism is a great way to feel accepted and to become comfortable with your own body image; most members have found that by coming to Naturist events both their overall confidence and their positivity towards their own body image has increased. Naturists are very accepting people; they see people for who they are and not what they look like. It’s not about what ‘brand’ or ‘badge’ you are wearing; it is all about you as a person.

    Rest assured though, you are not alone with your initial concerns! After all; the majority of us have felt those same concerns and had those same anxieties. Like most new things; the thought of trying something often creates much more anxiety than at the actual experience itself!!

    I hope this helps and if you have any further questions about this or YBN & Naturism in general please do not hesitate to ask.

    BN Youth Officer (YBN)

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