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    YBN Events List 2012

    We host events throughout the year from “The North To The South and The East To The West”, to make sure that our YBN’ers can get to an event that’s near them, as-well as at least one event abroad, to meet all the international youth groups!

    We also attend many BN and club avents as well as arranging own own get-togethers amongst ourselves.

    All of our events are at a minimal cost; as nearly all of us are skint and penniless… But the fun that can be had at these events costs nothing! And let’s face it…. It’s not like we need to fork out for a new outfit to enjoy the fun!

    All of our public events are now on our Facebook page and we welcome both existing and new members! When you join us, you get access to our private community where we arrange smaller get togethers :)

    Summer is drawing to a close now, so we're tending to move indoors to the warmer venues like swims and waterparks. Here's a taste of what we've done this year...


    YBN Winter Weekend

    Feb 10-12th

    Every Year we have a ‘Winter Weekend’ where we all go to stay somewhere together and have a few days of fun, games and many giggles! This year we are staying in Birmingham at the 'Youth Hostel’ which is a central location in the country to make it fair and easy for everyone in the UK to get to.

    This event is usually a clothed event, for reasons of venue, new member additions and the beautiful cold weather British weather that we are having! But this time the ‘YBN Winter Weekend’ is going to be enjoyed with the addition of a Naturist Sunday afternoon an infamous Naturist Spa, where you can unwind after a hard weekend of partying.

    The winter weekend is great way to introduce your friends to YBN for their very first time and of course; for us all to have a good catch up after the mayhem of Xmas and New Year!


    YBN Easter Weekend

    April 13-15th

    This year we’re having a post ‘Easter Weekend’ at Diogenes Naturist Club just outside the west of London. This is where we get the chance to meet up again before the summer starts, to enjoy a more relaxed indoor venue; at a club that we haven’t visited before! We may even brave the elements by camping in mid April, as it can often be quite warm by then!

    This is our first YBN Easter event due to popular demand for more youth events in Winter/Spring. We have so many new members; we thought we’d try to do a few more different and fun things this year!

    This event is especially exciting as we will be having our first ever YBN - AGM, we will also be having our first ever YBN team meet-up. This is a great opportunity to make yourselves heard!

    The theme for this evening will be a Bollywood theme, complete with authentic cuisine!! So dust of your dancing feet........ It's going to be fun!!

    Plus it’s a good chance to share all your left over chocolate you won’t have eaten by then…


    INF Youth Rally 2012

    May 17-20th

    Every year YBN meet up with all the other youth organisations within the INF; we’re invited to go along for 5 days of fun somewhere new! This gives us all the chance to meet up and enjoy each other’s international company; which doesn’t happen often enough! It makes for a lot of fun!!! It’s usually hot too…………. Always a bonus!

    Last year it was in France, before that Germany, then Italy and so on…

    The food and all the activities are organised throughout the long weekend and there is normally a trip out of the campsite to the city where there will be another fun-filled day planned for us. This is all included in the very low price of only 50 Euros per person!!!

    Where else can you get 5 days all inclusive accommodation that cheap anywhere else in the world!? And with such good company too!

    So don’t miss out on this once a year opportunity…


    YBN Western Weekend

    June 22-24th

    Our Western weekend this year will be start on the Friday night where we will be visiting Western Swimming Club (WSC) at their weekly swim, before heading off to Western Sun Folk Naturist Club (WSF). There we will spend the remainder of the weekend enjoying what their grounds have to offer and of course; one another’s excellent company! As well as the best that the West has to offer!

    (WSC, WSF, WTF -that’s a lot of abbreviations!) But it would be a shame to travel all that way and not visit them both on the same weekend.


    Youth GBSD Weekend

    July 13-15th

    The big summer version of BN’s promotion; The Great British Skinny Dip- on July 15. The reason behind it all is to have skinny dips everywhere on this weekend so that everyone can experience the joy of swimming without clothes, and being naked and free amongst friends...

    So YBN are Hosting our own Youth GBSD @ Spielplatz Naturist Club in St Albans. If your friends also want to try naturism for a change, then the Youth GBSD party 2012 is the place to be!

    The cost is minimal for the weekend, as they are all with all our YBN events! Cost will include your 2 nights camping and all meals from Friday night dinner until breakfast Sunday morning!

    On the Saturday night there will be a disco, where we will be entertained by the infamous ‘Big Mark’ the DJ!! A great opportunity to ‘strut your funky stuff’ and dazzle us all with your moves!

    South West

    YBN @ SW Kidz Camp

    July 20-22nd

    It has been said for a while now that we need to join in with the kids, so we are joining forces and going to the South West to come along to their Kidz Camp at Avonvale Naturist Club. There we will have the option to go to Splashdown on the Saturday evening and to the Studland Beach Day on the Sunday, all in the same ‘neck of the woods’….

    So a fun packed weekend that gives us the opportunity to let our hair down and behave like the ‘secret’ kids that we all still are!!!

    Booking & more details TBC….


    YBN Olympic Event - cancelled

    Aug 8-12th

    For various operational reasons this event is no longer happening. Sorry!

    To celebrate London 2012, we are hosting our own Naked Olympics at Broadlands Naturist Club at their teenager’s weekend; where everyone young is open to join in. We are also inviting our INF affiliates from all other youth groups around the world!!!

    The theme to this event will be that of ancient Greece; brought bang up to date with the usual brand of YBN fun!


    YBN Northern Event

    Aug 25-27th

    Joining our Northern counterparts up in at one of our Northern Naturist Clubs, YBN have always enjoyed the friendly welcoming atmosphere that is awaiting us from the locals.

    With great facilities and even better food, they look after us all as if we were their own kids! Just another bonus to this fantastic weekend is their great bar with some very well chosen ales!

    How could we resist coming back up to the wonderful and fabulous North to see them all again!

    South East

    YBN Volleyball Tournament

    Aug 31st -Sept 2nd

    YBN join volleyball teams around the country in Kent for a weekend of competition, and a bit of relaxing too!

    Be sure to join us for the last few events of 2012 and of course, next year for summer 2013!

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