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    Your first YBN event

    Everyone is new to Naturism when they try socialising naked/nude for the first time; so don't worry,- we've all been there!

    When you attend your first Naturist event or swim there may be a few things worth knowing beforehand, just so you feel a little more at ease...

    Obviously you don't need to bring swimwear or any specific clothing with you and clothing is normally not permitted to be worn in certain areas at events or at certain times. (We do make exceptions for ladies when necessary where bikini bottoms are allowed to be worn at certain times of the month).

    If you are staying overnight at an event (camping or otherwise) then it might be sensible to bring something warm in-case you get cold! We don't enforce nakidity and being nude; but if you do wish to join in at our events then it is customary to do without such garments.

    A towel is the one item that we as Naturists tend to have with us at all times; this is for whatever reason it might come in handy, such as sitting on etc. Otherwise there is little else you need to know... it's just a normal event, but without clothes!

    At our YBN weekend events in the summer we tend to use tents to sleep in (certainly not in the winter!!!), as camping keeps the cost down and makes for a nice and cheap event for all! Living the Naturist way of life, it makes it easy! No-one cares what you look like when you crawl of bed in the morning...

    So for camping all you would normally need is;

    Essential Items

    - a tent - (unless you are sharing some-one else's),

    - sleeping stuff - (sleeping bag or duvet, roll matt or air-bed etc),

    - plate/bowl and cutlery - (most of the time not needed, but just in-case)

    - a towel - (sometimes 2 towels is a good idea,- one to lay on and one to dry with!)

    Non essential Items

    - alcoholic drinks (over 18) - (as some clubs don't have a bar to buy them from!)

    - munchies and drinks for midnight snacks - (you might get hungry at night?)

    - a torch, pillows - (just to be more comfortable)

    - iPod and speakers etc, - (so we can all enjoy your music)

    - Sports equipment, inflatables or games

    - a BBQ - (if you’ve got one)

    You can bring almost anything you like to make you comfortable, apart from camera’s and the obvious illegal items such as drugs etc.

    I hope this helps and if you have any further questions about YBN or Naturism in general please do not hesitate to ask...


    BN Youth Officer (YBN)

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