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    Bare With Me – Official Launch

    Why is nakedness so scary?

    Does nakedness always equal sex?

    Could more nakedness change society?

    These are questions that many of us want to ask but usually are afraid to ask or do not know who to ask. Independent filmmakers, Natasha Coleman and Stephen Noble ask those questions directly in their new short film, ‘Bare With Me’ which has its official open launch today. Working with members of British Naturism, Natasha and Stephen consider how people feel about being naked with friends, whether it empowers people and gives them confidence, and how naturists take that first step towards social nudity.

    The film, already accredited by the 2018 East End Film Festival, pushes the participants to bare their souls, as well as their bodies. They consider how social nudity can boost confidence in our own bodies and respect for others, ultimately combatting the objectification that pervades society.

    Director, Natasha Coleman, says:

    ‘“I wanted to look at nakedness and what it meant through the eyes of 'experts' - those that spend a lot of their time naked. As a female, it's been particularly enlightening to speak to the two women in this documentary and uncover my own fears and discomfort with the naked body. I wanted to find out how a different attitude to nakedness might change society.”

    While British Naturism member and participant in the film, Mark says:

    ‘Making this film really pushed us to consider WHY we live as naturists. The conversations led us to realise how much our lifestyle has affected our outlook and how much better we feel about ourselves and others as a consequence.’

    The full film is now live on Vimeo at the following location: https://vimeo.com/293322343


    @natashajcoleman @stephenforshort

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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