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    Looking forward with BHF...

    British Heart Foundation - Our charity of the year!

    We’ve not had the opportunity to do as much with BHF in 2020 as we would have liked, but we’re crossing our fingers that 2021 will be better. There is still a huge appetite from our new friends at the charity to work together and to exploit the potential for overlap in our aims, especially where health is concerned. We all believe - with good reason - that living a clothes-free lifestyle brings a number of health and well-being benefits. BHF are actively working to improve people’s health and exercise regime. You can find a lot of advice on their website - BHF.org.uk/publications. They’ve been doing an increasing amount of work on heart attacks in women. There is a good chance that we will partner with them in research into the health levels of Naturists. There could be a great story to tell!

    A big event that didn’t happen this year was the Naked Heart Walk which was scheduled to take place in the landscaped gardens of Painshill Park (pictured) in Surrey. Thanks to everyone who signed up. Here are details of the rearranged event in 2021. It’s a great opportunity to raise money, have fun and invite friends and family.

    We’re also crossing our fingers that we can get the involvement of, and raise money for BHF with our outreach project The Great British Skinny Dip. Our online aerobics event - back for a limited period - is also in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

    You can also donate at any time at justgiving.com/fundraising/british-naturism.



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