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    British Naturism and the London Olympics 2012

    In the 3 Year Plan (3YP) - item 3.4.4 - we talk about how we want to exploit the fact that the Olympics and Paralympics are taking place in the UK next summer. We’re now ready to launch the project properly and would love people on the forum to contribute ideas, suggestions and offers of help to get the very best out of it.

    Yes, we are jumping on the band wagon as so many people will be doing, but we have an extra good reason for doing so in that the original Olympic Games in ancient Greece were done in the nude. I am still surprised at how many people that I speak to don’t realise that words like "gymnasium" come from the Greek word Gymnos, which means naked.

    Dates - the main Olympics takes place from the 27th July to the 12th August with the Paralympics following from the 29th August to the 9th September. There are a number of locations around the country that will host sporting events.

    The main things that we want to do are:

    1. Raise the profile. Perhaps we will run an event of some sort where we will invite press and other key people. We have ruled out a big sports event/tournament because we don’t have the resources - both financial and pairs of hands – and there will be so much sport going on that we may lose the ability to stand out. We have a number of ideas that we are working on, but would love to hear from you as well.
    2. Support clubs, swims and individuals who want to do something. It could be particularly good for local publicity and gaining new members - we will give you whatever help you need.
    3. Making sure that information is gathered and provided to overseas naturists who want to come and enjoy the games. In particular this means clubs with accommodation making themselves available to visitors and/or individuals offering travellers a place to stay.

    If you have comments that you would like to make then let’s get the discussion going. I am particularly looking for people to help put things together and would like to form a small team. Please let me know either on here or by email andrew.welch@bn.org.uk if you would like to be part of it.

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