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  • Andrew Welch
    Andrew Welch

    Thanks for the attention!

    Happily, we've been inundated since the first broadcast of The Great British Skinny Dip earlier this week on Channel 4 - and the attention increases each time it is broadcast and people watch on catch up. We've had many messages of praise and requests for more information - across social media, email and via the contact forms on our website. Apologies if you've not had a reply yet, but we'll get to you.

    Oh, and thanks to everyone who has become a member!

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    20 hours ago, barbirolli said:

    Really irritating I cannot watch this: I do not have a TV, just catch up on the computer, and C4's system is such that it will not work on my operating system. If the BBC can be bothered to set up an accessible system, why can't C4?


    It is probably due to the financial structures of both organisations. The Beeb can afford to do it as it milks us for our licence fee every year, whereas C4 have to rely on advertising income to keep afloat and, if they set up such a system, they would have to make it 'pay-to-view'  to earn a few bob from it like Sky's 'Catch up TV'.


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