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  • Campaigning: Get Involved

    There is a wide range of ways that you can get involved in our campaigning work, from simple steps that don't require any commitment, such as signing up for our newsletter or visiting our discussion forum, through to organising your own campaign or joining one of our teams.

    Whatever time you're able to spare there is some way that you can contribute to BN's campaigning work and in return benefit from learning new skills, making new friends and getting satisfaction from helping to make a real difference.

    This page contains just a few of the ways that you can get involved. Our volunteering pages also list some wider opportunities in other areas of BN's work which might interest you as well as providing some background information about Volunteering with BN

  •   Join an existing campaign

    BN is always campaigning, sometimes as part of a coordinated national effort and sometimes through local grassroots action.

    All of our current campaigns are listed on our main campaigns page and have their own dedicated pages which outline the specific actions which each campaign is taking and specific ideas for how you can get involved.  This might be writing a letter to your MP on a specific subject, joining an event or just promoting an idea with friends or online.

    So what's my next step?

    Joining a campaign is easy and you can choose what you feel comfortable doing and how much time you wish to commit.  Please check-out the existing campaign pages to find out how you can help. Many thanks and welcome aboard the campaign bus!

  •   Signup for our newsletters

    No Commitment Required!

    One of the easiest ways to keep in touch with our campaigning work, to find out what is happening and how you can help, is to signup to our regular email newsletters.

    These not only have campaign specific information but also details of upcoming campaign related events like The Great British Skinny Dip.

  •   Join our teams

    Members' Only!

    If you have a bit of time to spare and are keen to become more involved in our work over the longer term then we're always looking for volunteers to join our Campaigns' Team and Legal Team.

    These teams underpin much of our work and provide the enterprise and experience to support other volunteers.  However this doesn't necessarily require specialist skills or experience - so don't be put off.  Your skills and experiences from your day to day work or organising a busy family can be just as relevant and helpful.  If you would like to know more about the work involved then please contact one of the teams and they'll be happy to explain more about what they do and how you can contribute towards it.

  •   Join BN

    No Commitment Required!

    If you're not already a BN member then joining us can be one of the first steps to getting more involved.  Joining BN is easy brings with it a wide range of other benefits from discounted tickets to BN events and our great quarterly magazine. Join as a single or a couple and get a great range of membership benefits.

  •   Organise your own campaign

    Members' Only!

    Organising your own campaign may seem like a big step - and in some cases it will be!  However BN has many experienced members who will be able to help get you started with the important steps of:

    • clarifying what your campaign is about,
    • setting realistic goals and
    • devising a campaign strategy.

    Depending on what your campaign involves BN may also be able to provide direct support and some resources.

    So what's my next step?

    Well our resources page contains further information on how to set about planning a campaign or, if you are a BN member, you could post your concerns and ideas in our Discussion Forum. Whether you're thinking about a social-media led 'crowd campaign' or targeted letter writing to local councillors about a local issue, the chances are that a similar issue has cropped up before and someone will have some relevant experience of how to go about tackling it.

    So why not read some of the information about how to plan a campaign and then tell us all what your idea is. We'd love to help!

  •   Join the discussion

    No Commitment Required! Members' Only!

    A lot of the background activity and discussion about our campaigning work takes place in our members' discussion forum.  This is also the place where new issues come to light and campaign ideas start to take shape.  A quick and easy way to keep in touch with emerging issues and ongoing campaigns alike is to visit the forum.

    Top Tip: There is a 'follow' button at the top right of the forum which you can use get receive notifications of any new topics being posted in the forum.

  •   Donate to the Legal Fund

    No Commitment Required!

    One of the quickest and simplest ways that you can help is to donate to our legal fund.

    The fund is used by our legal team to help provide direct support to BN members who need legal assistance.  This usually takes the form of hiring legal council to provide an opinion on a point of law, to draft a response to charges or to directly represent someone in court.

    100% of the legal fund goes to directly helping BN members and every contribution is gratefully received.

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  •   Volunteering with BN

    Campaigning is just one areas of our work that is reliant on the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers. Further information on some of the other volunteering opportunities and general information about how to get more involved in BN is available in our volunteers section.

  •    Resources

    Starting with a blank page! Getting going can be tough, so we've pulled together a few ideas and resources to get you started.

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