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    Sing it loud! The good news keeps coming for British Naturism

    If you are reading this and you are a member of British Naturism then you should feel proud of yourself for that decision. Your membership and subscription fee allows us to do our work on behalf of all Naturists. Thank you.

    If you are reading this and are not a member, or have allowed your membership to lapse, we hope that the information in this article will help you to make the easy decision to join and get many more benefits AND be part of a vibrant, meaningful community. It costs less than £4 a month.

    Perhaps you are not a Naturist - a journalist maybe, photographer, swimming pool manager or local politician. If so, thanks for taking an interest in our world. Despite what social convention teaches us from a young age there is nothing wrong with simple human nudity. It’s healthy, wholesome and good for you. A recent survey even proved that spending time naked can make you happier. One of the saddest problems of modern life - low self-esteem from poor body image - can often be eradicated by spending time with naked people. We’re a fun, friendly community too - every one of our venues says so and invites us back!


    An organisation like ours primarily exists to bring like-minded people together and we run a variety of exciting events, and support those run by others. There’s not a lot you can’t do naked - recently, we even broke the record for the most naked people on a rollercoaster

    If you are into hotel weekends, camping and caravanning, swimming, family-friendly festivals, live music, waterparks, museum and art gallery visits, exercise classes, glamping, dining, boat trips, sports tournaments, walking, yoga, running, open gardens, spa weekends, cycling, woodland retreats, beaches, theatre trips and even ten-pin bowling - all without clothes, then there is something for you.

    Download our event brochure and check out full details of all event-related activity on our dedicated events website, our main website and our calendar. Make sure you do that soon - there are plenty of events happening soon!

    Naturist clubs around the country provide safe environments for Naturism and are great communities for their members with facilities and social events. Some clubs hire a swimming pool for regular session. Check them out - maybe there's one near you.


    Sticking up for Naturists

    We have a responsibility as the national organisation to speak up on behalf of Naturists. It’s something we do well, and regularly. Radio, TV and printed materials feature our news and members are often interviewed, photographed and filmed, nationally and locally. We also challenge the media and clear up misunderstandings when needed. As a result, Naturism is moving into the mainstream.

    The BBC can’t get enough of us lately. The Daily Star reported on the Great British Skinny Dip (see below) this week. You can keep up with - and discuss - media mentions over on the BN Members’ Forum (log in required) and keep an eye on all our news - regularly updated - on our website news page

    Earlier this year, our freedoms were threatened, with pressure groups attempting to restrict or close Naturist events and clubs, which would have caused long term damage for Naturism in the UK. We could easily have caved in to pressure for an easy life, but, of course, we didn’t. The absence of our collective, properly resourced and focused action might have meant that our wonderful world ceased to exist as we know it. Promoting Naturism and stating the benefits of it for everyone, especially the next generation, is essential, and we will continue to do so on behalf of all Naturists - present and future.

    The legal position is clear - since 2003, public nudity is not illegal. Even the police haven’t quite grasped this over the years. In 2017, BN worked with them to make sure every police officer understands.


    The Great British Skinny Dip - coming to a

    venue near you, this July...!

    The Great British Skinny Dip is our annual campaign to raise the profile of the health benefits of nudity - and give people a chance to experience the exhilarating, life-affirming feelings for themselves. It happens next month and we have venues from Aberdeen to Brighton and Harlech to Peterborough. The list includes a couple of public open air Lidos running a costume-free session for the first time. Good on them!


    Naturism in the UK is often hampered by the weather but British Naturism provides a wealth of information about Naturism abroad - where sunshine and an all-over tan are almost guaranteed. Our quarterly magazine - included with your subscription always features travel reports from happy Naturists and advertisements from the world’s Naturist resorts. Members can also download a digital version from the Members' forum. 

    We also run group holidays for our members - so far this year we’ve been to Austria, Rhodes and Spain, with Croatia, Corsica, France, Canaries and a two-centre trip to Spain yet to come.


    Find out more about membership here

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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