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    Andrew Welch

    Body Confidence Not Body Beautiful: First Women In Naturism Campaign

    The first Women in Naturism campaign is launching over the weekend of 6/7 June with events all around the country including a tea party in Manchester, a beach picnic in Dorset and a skinny dip in Hertfordshire. More events are planned for the rest of the summer such as the World Naked Bike Rides, Nudefest in Cornwall on 5th-12th July and Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s charity event: Bare all for Polar Bears on Friday 21st August.

    British Naturism president Judith Stinchcombe explains: "Naturism in the UK is growing in popularity as people see for themselves how it contributes to wellbeing and improved body image, and we are delighted to see so many women discovering these benefits for themselves. For 2015 we want to encourage even more women to try Naturism whether that’s via an organised event, a day out in a European style spa or a skinny dip with their family and friends.

    “Many people regularly send us stories of personal improvements in self-esteem, chronic illness and stress since discovering Naturism. Imagine how good it would be to have the sun and breeze on your skin and feel better, more relaxed, less self-conscious and de-stressed as a result. Poor body image is improved when you realise that almost no-one has a “perfect” body.

    “With recent research for Be Real showing that almost 10 million UK women report that they 'feel depressed’ because of the way they look and the Children’s Society’s global “well-being” chart showing that appearance is the top concern for children in England with girls twice as likely to be concerned about their body than boys, we are hoping that our initiative will help build body confidence in women. Children brought up in naturism say how they grew up without the usual hang-ups about their bodies.”

    This first Women in Naturism campaign also sees British Naturism encouraging more leisure venues to take a more European approach to dress code. With the demise of the much-loved and clothes-free ambiance of the Sanctuary Spa, there are few options for anyone looking to have a spa experience au naturel. Women are generally more hesitant than men when it comes to trying Naturism, but once they do, they often become the most enthusiastic Naturists, as they see the incredible benefits it brings to them and their families.

    Judith concludes, “We know that women in particular can feel nervous about revealing all, but we're saying just come along, give it a go - we know you won't regret it, and it may just change your life, so what's stopping you?"

    - ends -

    For further information, images, interviews and event invitations, please contact:

    Philippa Taylor, Grand Union PR, Philippa@grandunionpr.com, 01442 824844/07866 480700

    Notes to Editors:

    Journalists are invited to try a clothes-free spa experience on Monday 21st September in London and to have a go at skinny dipping at venues around the country on a mutually convenient date.

    The Great British Skinny Dip is happening on 2nd – 4th September 2016 so please let us know if you would like to arrange a photo-shoot during summer 2015 and interview members of British Naturism.

    For the media, there is a dedicated “Media Centre” at https://www.bn.org.uk/media, which contains useful information for those wishing to write about naturism.

    British Naturism (BN) is the UK’s officially recognised Naturist organisation. It exists to support and unite Naturists around the UK and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, although its predecessors were in existence since the 1930s. Amongst the aims of BN are to campaign for more places to be made available for Naturism and to protect Naturists against discrimination and Victorian attitudes to the human body. https://www.bn.org.uk/campaigning/index.

    It is a fact that in law, there is no offence of nudity. Various pieces of legislation and common law are often mentioned in connection with Naturism but they are rarely relevant. See Crown Prosecution Service guidance on Naturism for details: http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/l_to_o/nudity_in_public/

    Naturism is on the up in the UK - British Naturism has seen an increase of around 100 extra members each month, when comparing 2015 figures with 2014. British Naturism has a packed calendar of activities for 2015 and around 9,000 members who renew each year to receive information about Naturist clubs and events all over the country and abroad. In the UK, there are over 130 sun clubs, swim clubs and holiday resorts, plus many beaches used regularly by Naturists: https://www.bn.org.uk/activities/placestogo.

    The number of nude events being held, both by British Naturism and other organisations, is also increasing, so the opportunities for socially nude leisure in the UK are plentiful. A selection of events on offer to those wanting to give nude leisure a try, either occasionally or regularly, is included below and the full list is at https://www.bn.org.uk/activities/bigdaysout.

    Children don’t care if they are wearing clothes or not, it’s adults who make them get dressed. Children in Naturism grow up with a better understanding of what people really look like and enjoy a relaxed, outdoor life. Families can do something together that they all enjoy. Unaccompanied children are not permitted in Naturist places, however, if accompanied by a parent or guardian they are welcomed and the community spirit that pervades ensures that a responsible watchful eye is present. Naturist places tend to have entry requirements and secure gates, making the inside a far safer environment than the outside. Mindful of the need to be aware of child safeguarding issues, however, BN have a robust child safeguarding policy and code of practice.

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