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    Walking Naked out of ‘Lock down’.
    We are all frustrated by the shortage of events... and the seemingly never ending closure of Leisure centres and limitations at our landed clubs, but we are now finding alternative ways off getting our kits off and the most popular one seems to be Naked walking. The interest in Naked walking has risen enormously during recent weeks as opportunities have appeared since the government restrictions were lifted on numbers, albeit in groups of six with 2 metres social distancing applied.
    There are many quiet country walks that are possible to complete clothes free, but we all have different views on how these are performed. Some colleagues will wear a kilt with Velcro fasteners and cover up when meeting non - Naturists, others carry a towel to avoid causing alarm or distress, whether this is necessary at all is debatable, but opinions vary. I would think that this would be appreciated when families are encountered – just my opinion.
    One thing is for certain - Naked walking is fast becoming extremely popular, so I decided to try this myself. I couldn’t believe the interest that was generated when I used the BN forum to ask members to register for the annual ‘Beacon Tarn’ Naked walk and skinny dip. After clearing this with the local police who didn’t have a problem with it, we managed to attract a good few Naturists despite the inclement weather we had experienced recently. The expert advice from the former leader of the Beacon Tarn walk/skinny dip was invaluable.
    I was pleasantly surprised at the way our body temperature automatically adapts to being naked outside, even during cool damp conditions, also the liberating feeling of total freedom enjoyed by walking clothes free - it really is amazing and immensely exhilarating! Being with fellow Naturists, some familiar and some we had never met previously, we quickly familiarised ourselves with these new friends. As a result we now have a WhatsApp group to arrange more of these walks/skinny dips.
    Ron O’Hare. 
    The following advice is for ‘would be’ walk leaders - from our experienced walk leader and BN North West coordinator - John Rodgers
    When planning a possible route, I start by looking at an O.S map (or O.S maps online) of the area concerned. My aim is normally as follows.
    ·        Find a route of around 9 - 11miles long (obviously the distance planned can vary to the leader and the intended walkers)
    ·        One that passes through attractive countryside.
    ·        Avoids going through villages as far possible.
    ·        Avoids crossing / walking along major roads.
    ·        With minimal walking on narrow country lanes.
    ·        Identify a suitable start / finish point, with sufficient car parking for the numbers expected.
    ·        If possible maybe start / finish at a pub.
    If something looks promising on the map, I then walk it on the ground. Normal experience shows that it can take two or three visits to sort a route out, and sometime it ends up being rejected due to factors found on the ground. The final walk would take in the whole route. Suitable places for lunch and tea stops can also be identified. This approach is essential in my view if you are taking a large group. A small party (say less than six) might be happy with the odd “hiccup” where the survey has been a little less thorough.
    I would not, in normal circumstances advise the police, and I never have so far.
    Experience shows that walks that take say 5 hours solo of with one other, will probably take at least 6 hours with a larger group.
    I would also add that from a personal point of view, I would rather cover up to pass through a village, if that made the overall route more attractive, than go for a less interesting option that allowed more nudity.
    I would suggest that the status of the walk needs to be clear. Is it an official BN one, or just a case of “walking with friends” as mine generally are. If you are leading a walk, then it is advisable that you at least carry a basic first aid kit.
    John Rodgers.

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    Leicester in Lockdown

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    I just want to mention everyone in the city and area around Leicester that have been put in Lockdown again.
    As naturists in the area,  perhaps your off work again, furloughed or working from home. or stuck at home isolated from family and friends for even longer now.
    Maybe your participating in the online BN events or gardening naked.
    I just want to say we are thinking about you respectfully, and look forward to seeing you at events once your local lockdown has been lifted.

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    Here is more Good news;
    Rosslyn Glamping, have just announced their dates for Naturist Glamping and camping. They also have room for Motorhomes and 7.9m Touring Caravans.
    From Friday 17th July until Sunday 26th July are the clothing Optional dates.
    Set in North Norfolk and close to Holkham Naturist beach on the North Norfolk coast, this site is a hidden gem not to be missed.
    There is an outdoor heated pool and Sauna as well as a lawn for sunbathing. Whether you stay for the whole time or visit for the day, you can have a relaxing experience.
    Here is their website with some great photos of the site.
    Please understand social distancing must be considered during your stay.

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    Fullers Mill Gardens

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Robert has announced; some news about an event in our region. Suffice to say this is going to be a popular event with people already asking for tickets.
    After all the cancelled events it is good to be able to report an event that is going to take place. The visit to Fullers Mill Garden on 9th of August will take place. I spoke this morning with Annie Dellbridge, the Head Gardener. Normally the garden can easily cope with 200 people but due to social distancing numbers have had to be reduced. Initially we have a limit of 50 people but they do hope to allow us to go higher once they have some experience of opening in the current situation with Covid 19. 
    This a great event that will support two regional charities, These are East Anglian Air Ambulance and Fullers Mill Garden. 
    By Robert Finney

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    East Anglia Is Opening Up

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Wells Next To Sea, Norfolk.

    We'd like to encorouge our members in the Eastern Region. All of our events before Lockdown were almost always fully booked with Friendly, enthusiastic people.
    During Lockdown we have seen and spoken to many of you on Zoom during British Naturism Online Events.There has been some good banter too.
    As we come out of Lockdown we hope to see you both online and at Future Eastern Region Events. As East Anglia reopens gradually.
    We would like to encorouge you if you have an idea for an event, or if you know of a good venue for an event, or if you have contacts, even maybe local knowledge of a potential venue. We would love to hear from you. Or maybe you are organising an event yourself. We would love to hear from you.
    You can contact our Eastern Region Committee via email;
    Chairman and Eastern Coordinator;
    Robert Finney easternrep@bn.org.uk
    Vice Chairman;
    Ian Beeby easternvicechairman@bn.org.uk
    Nigel Bromley easterntreasurer@bn.org.uk
    Cathy Bromley easternsecretary@bn.org.uk
    Walks Coordinator;
    John Gelder easternwalks@bn.org.uk
    Sports Officer;
    Martin Dench easternevents@bn.org.uk
    Volunteer Officer;
    Richard Stacey richard.stacey@bn.org.uk
    Public Relations Officer (PRO)
     (Me) Andrew Gilmour easternpro@bn.org.uk
    I am sure everyone will do their best to enjoy this summer naked so maybe we'll see you soon.

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    Here in the Uk there are around 4 million people who have done a skinny dip or go about nude at home. The population of East Anglia is around 4 million people. But not all are nudists, or naturists, or skinny dippers. 
    The BN Eastern Region Area is huge and stretches from Oxford in the west of the region to Lowestoft on the East coast a distance of 175 miles, and from Holkham beach on  the North Norfolk coast down to just outside London to the M25, a distance of 125 miles. So our Eastern Region is massive. It can be a bit of a challenge getting to some events at the far edges of the eastern region.
    Large parts of the Eastern region are sparcely populated . Suffolk and Norfolk are cases in point, so naturists are few and far between, so many travel long distance just to meet up with other naturists.

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    Chatting About Naturism

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Hi Everyone
    Sometimes, you may find that in conversation with family or friends the subject of nudity comes up.
    So to help us talk about nudity and naturism  confidentally, its good to be well informed and have support tools at our disposal.
    So here sre just a few tools to help out;
    British Naturism has up to date information booklets and flyers explaining what Naturism is that are free.
    Conversations and Experiences
    Sometimes, you have had a good conversation with someeone whom maybe interested in Naturism and you are excited and want to tell someone what happened. Well British Naturism has the forum thread you can use named;
    Just One Person;
    The Law
    It maybe that a non naturist has just asked if being nude in public is against the law or not, and you want to be correctly informed about the laws on nudity, so you can accurately explain them to your listener.
    British Naturism has provided a legal guides referring to Nudity in Public to enable you to know your rights as a naturist in Public;
    When you do talk with other people about naturism or nudity its good to be relaxed and just naturally explain why you enjoy taking your clothes off as if you were talking about any other subject of conversation.
    Its helpful to mention the benefits of being naked that you personally find in your life.
    Scientific Evidence
    Dr Keon West a Psychologist, published his findings from a recent study of clothed and unclothed people. He found that people when naked in a group of other naked people were more likely to have increased levels of self esteem and body confidence. Here is a link  to the published Paper by Dr West;
    If you are new to Naturism we hope that you maybe better informed and more confident when speaking to others too.
    Andy Gilmour

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    Photo taken before Lockdown
    Great News! As a result of the Lockdown partially lifting, John Gelder our Eastern Region Walks Coordinator has been able to carry on with three of the many organised walks that were planned;
    Firstly;  Aston Abbotts Naturist walks on Sunday 21st June 2020
    Secondly; World Naked Hiking day ( in a different location to the one previously advertised )
    Thirdly; Great Missenden Walk on Friday 17th July
    The Above Walks Are Now Fully Booked
    Each walk will consist of 2 groups of 6 people The groups will depart 30 minutes apart along the same route. All Walkers will Socially Distance from each other at 2 metres apart; before, during and after the walk You will be told not to attend the walk if you or your Household have Covid 19 symptoms, or indeed you are required to self-isolate. We will continue to monitor the situation and will announce further walking dates in due course. We will keep you informed of events through our regular channels of communication.  
    We do hope that you will enjoy your walks.
    Andy G

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    Robert Finney has provided an update of which events are going ahead and which are cancelled this summer.
    Thankfully; life is slowly getting back to normal and we hope everyone stays in Good Health.
    To see the information, Click on  the words; Robert Finney replied to a topic below;

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    We are pleased to (tentatively) announce a naturist evening at Houghton Lodge on Thursday 23 July 
    Houghton Lodge Gardens is a glorious privately-owned property about 2.5 miles from Stockbridge in Hampshire.  The gardens have a wide variety of habitats including a traditional walled garden, with herb patches, fruit trees and flowers, a beautifully manicured lawn leading from the house down to the stunning river Test, a field containing alpacas (and now also sheep) and all available (but not the house) to BN members and other naturists throughout the evening.  There is also a small greenhouse of orchids and there is often art for sale on the orangery walls.  
    Of course, there are also the tea rooms, which remain open throughout our evening.
    The gardens will remain open to the non-naturist public until 5pm and once the last of the day visitors have left then the site re-opens for naturists, usually about 5:30 p.m.  The owner is always very welcoming and the teas, coffees and (especially!) the cakes are a particular highlight of the evening.
    It is definitely worth the visit if you live in the local area or want to include the gardens as part of a longer day trip. If you are coming from further afield there are some holiday lets on site which can be rented for the night. These can be arranged directly with the owner via applerooms@houghtonlodge.co.uk. - subject of course to the latest CV19 restrictions of course!
    BN members and other naturists have been visiting this site every year since 2016 and have always been blessed with glorious weather.  Although the date of 23 July has been scheduled for some time, this year has thrown up some special challenges and the owner has agreed to rearrange to later in the summer if CV19 restrictions mean than we cannot go ahead on this planned date. The owner loves having us there and tells us that she always looks forward to our visits.
    So why not give it a try this year? All you have to do is turn up, pay the entry, strip off and enjoy!
    More information about the gardens is on www.houghtonlodge.co.uk

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