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    BN has six regions that provide a vital local focus to BN's members and activities. To find out about news and events in your region please visit one of our regional pages:

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    A Murder Mystery Report from Oxfordshire

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Last Saturday evening a curious event happened in the hone county of Oxfordshire;
    May I present to you photographic evidence that shows;
    What do naturists do in the winter when the beaches are cold and wet? In Abingdon last week they solved a murder. To be precise they worked out that Jasper was a killer, in Annie's restaurant at the Boat House and that Clark was crushed by a sofa at Nudefest. Not exactly classic Cluedo clues but that was the correct answer. Fifty naked dinners  from Dine Naked Oxford and British Naturism turned sleuth and had a fantastic Moroccan themed meal at Annie's at theBoathouse on the banks of the Thames. They were entertained by the Oxford Imps, a hugely funny improvisation group, who played the suspects and the victim. There was no script and the actors improvised based on suggestions from the diners. 
    During the meal the cast set the scene and gave us clues (and a few red herrings) whilst one of the actors played dramatic piano music.They also went from table to table to be questioned by the audience. Though the action had a great comedic element, our Sherlock Holmes wannabees still grilled suspects such as bean magnate (and obsessive) Wilfred Copperbottom, Davis the butler with a chip on his shoulder and Jacqueline, the very French artist.
    What did the actors make of their unusual audience? They thought they were great and look forward to performing for a naturist audience again. At another performance for naturists at a major London theatre two years ago several of that cast declared it the best audience they had ever had.
    By Andy Wyman and Sandra.
    If you would like to attend another event in Oxfordshire; 
    Mupp (aka Mike) and Sandra are hosting The Call My Buff Quiz in March;
    Lots to look forward to in Oxfordshire!

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    Looking ahead to March .  Mike aka (Mupp) is hosting The Call My Buff Quiz in Abingdon, Oxfordshire on 7th March at 7pm.
    Tickets are now available for this Fun event.
    See below;
    Additionally; on 14th March we have a naked 3 course  Meal in a Pub in Hemel Hempstead.
    The Great News the Meal tickets have sold out although accommodation may still be available;

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    With regards to the Whittlesford Clothing optional dining event, two of our British Naturism members were interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire recentĺy.
    The members interviewed were Robert Finney and Ian Beeby. 
    The Interview begin 21 minutes into the lunchtime show. Then there is a song by Travis and the interview continues after the song.
    Please click on the link below;

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    The River Lee Boat Trip

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    In a synergized move the two regions  Laser ( London And South East Region) and the Eastern Region have teamed up for a relaxing evening cruise. On Saturday 8th February at 6pm.
    Departing from Ware Town Quay in Hertfordshire the cruise will journey southwards along the Lee Valley  and will be  returning  to Ware at 10pm
    Believed to be the first nude trip on the River Lee. What could be better than a heated and naked cruise with a Fish and Chip supper included in the price; you won't go hungry.
    Last summer the Eastern Region had a canal boat cruise in the Milton Keynes area. So if you missed out last time, Here is an opportunity to take part i.; Check out the details below;
    On another note: there are only 3 places left at the time of writing for The Toad Gin  Distillery and Tasting visit in Oxfordshire.
    If you have an event you would like to see featured here, or have relevant news for our eastern members you can contact the editors of this news page on;
    Andy Gilmour;  easternpro@bn.org.uk
    Cathy Bromley;  easternsecretary@bn.org.uk

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    Now we are into the New Year i would like to Focus primarily on two events this January
    Firstly; Northampton Sun Group Swim on Sunday 5th January. This is a long running event in the Eastern Region making its debut as an event way back in 1982 (38 years ago).
    The club is a friendly haven to relax or swim. It has excellent facilites, with a Swedish Sauna, Russian Steam room and Turkish Hot rooms.
    So why not pop down and join in to sample the great facilities and a warm friendly welcome. At Northampton Sun Group Swim;
    Secondly; I want to draw your attention to the Whittlesford Clothing Optional Dining Event.
    On Saturday 25th January this event will be the first British Naturism dining event in Cambridgeshire. The meal is 3 course, so why not be one of the first naked diners in Cambridgeshire.
    Located in Whittlesford village hall about a mile from Duxford air museum. There is a Holiday inn and train station both within 10 minutes drive from the village Hall.The A505 and M11 are both within 15 minutes drive away.
    If you have friends or family who may want to join in for their first time naturist experience, this is a great event to invite them too as it is clothing optional for any aspiring naturist guests who maybe shy at first.
    Here are the Essential Details;
    In news of another event The Nude Murder Mystery in Oxfordshire has sold out!
    If you would like to see your event/s featured or you have some naturist news that would be relevant to the Eastern Region Members, you can contact me on;
    Andy Gilmour;  easternpro@bn.org.uk
     Cathy Bromley;  easternsecretary@bn.org.uk
    As editors of this webpage.

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    BN Eastern Region Naturist Walks 2020
    Enjoy walking? Then why not join in some of our naturist walks in the Beds-Bucks-Herts Borders area in the coming months:
    Wilstone, Hertfordshire, on Friday 20 March 2020, 1.00pm to 5.00pm. The walk is on flat terrain, starting at the village Wilstone and walking along sections of the Grand Union Canal (Aylesbury Arm) towards Aylesbury. We then turn away from the Canal returning through tree covered footpaths and open countryside towards Long Marston and then south to Wilstone. Distance 8 miles.
    Tring, Hertfordshire, on  Friday 24 April 2020, 12.30pm to 4.00pm. The walk has a couple of fairly steep inclines near the beginning of the route while the remainder of the route is mainly flat passing through several woods and open countryside. The circular route follows part of The Ridgeway before branching off across open fields and woodland to join the Chiltern Way and then through High Scrubs before heading back to the start point. Distance 9 miles. The start/finish point is accessible by train to Tring Station on the London Euston to Milton Keynes Central line with pre-arranged pick up from the station to the start. 
    Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire, on Friday 15 May 2020, 12.30pm to 5.30pm. The walk is mainly flat with some low level hills passing through grassland, agricultural fields and open countryside. The circular route follows a network of public footpaths through part of the Vale of Aylesbury before heading back to the start point across more open countryside. Distance 9 miles.
    North Marston, Buckinghamshire, on Sunday 21 June 2020 (World Naked Hiking Day) 1.00pm to 5.30pm. The walk is mainly flat, with some low to moderate hills, passing through grassland, agricultural fields and open countryside, with stunning views of Aylesbury Vale, the Chilterns and North Buckinghamshire from the top of Quainton Hill. Although the hill is long, with a good path, it is not too steep. The circular route follows a network of public footpaths including Matthew’s Way, Midshires Way, Swan’s Way and the North Buckinghamshire Way before heading back to the start point across open countryside. Distance 7 miles.
    Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, on Friday 17 July 2020, 12.30pm to 4.30pm. The walk is mainly through open country and some woodland, along mostly flat terrain with some slight to moderate hills. The circular route starts near the village of Great Missenden and follows a network of public footpaths through the Misbourne Valley and parts of the Chiltern Hills. Distance 8 miles. The start/finish point is accessible by train to Great Missenden Station on the Chiltern Line (London Marylebone to Aylesbury Vale Parkway via Amersham) with pre-arranged pick up from the station to the start. Further walks and dates will be announced later in the year. These events are being organised by British Naturism Eastern Region in association with the Milton Keynes Naturist Meet and Greet Group and Naturist Ramblers (England and Wales). They are open to members of these groups, including all members of British Naturism. When booking, please state whether you are a member of one or more of these groups. For further information or to book onto any of these walks, please contact John Gelder, Walks Coordinator, via email: easternwalks@bn.org.uk or send a personal message via BN Members’ website, giving your name, email address, mobile phone number and membership status. Details of the meeting point and other information will be provided when your booking is confirmed.
    Why naked walks?
    Many people enjoy walking, whether by themselves, with friends or family. Its lovely to see the wonderful countryside and enjoy the open and natural environment. It’s also good for our health! As naturists, perhaps you’ve had the thought of doing it naked? If so, it can be quite a challenge to have the confidence to do it by yourself. Joining a naturist group walk removes some of those concerns and enables you to enjoy the social nudity associated with a naturist walk, in a safe environment with others. We provide all walkers with information on what to expect and are happy to answer your questions. One of the questions often asked is have we ever encountered any difficulties with members of the public who don’t agree with what we are doing? No, never! We do cover up in certain circumstances and have the back-up of the recent College of Policing Guidance that confirms it is perfectly legal for naturists to be naked in public. Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle – you wouldn’t be reading this if you thought otherwise – but we all need to do what we can to promote and encourage the normalisation and acceptance of public nudity by others and naked walking is one way of doing this. It may even encourage others or give them the confidence to join us! See you on one of our forthcoming walks!
    Thinking of organising your own naturist group walk?
     If you have experience of planning local walks through open countryside; perhaps for yourself, family or friends; have you ever thought it would be good to organise one for naturists? Perhaps you have but never got around to it or were unsure how to approach it, then why not join us on one of our planned walks or a recce? You will have the opportunity to see how we organise them, talk to the walk leader and walk coordinator, and of course those attending the walk. Now is the perfect time to be planning your walks for the new year. John Gelder, BN Eastern Region Walks Coordinator, is very happy to talk with BN Members in the region who would like to organise local naturist walks. He can provide information, advice and guidance to prospective walk leaders/coordinators and sign off walks on behalf of the BN Eastern Region. This is to ensure that walks undertaken in the name of BN meet some basic criteria to ensure they are safe and comply with BN’s public liability insurance requirements. John can be contacted via email: easternwalks@bn.org.uk or through a personal message on the BN Members’ website. Why not plan a walk for World Naked Hiking Day, held annually on the 21 June, the day of the summer solstice? A day when outdoor enthusiasts everywhere celebrate the longest day of the year in their birthday suit.
    Article by John Gelder

    Notes for the Editor
    Photos have permissions given by all subjects for inclusion in BN open communications Links to BN Calendar

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    2019 will soon be behind us, but 2020 already promises to be a great year for naturism in London and the South East!
    As the year draws to a close it’s a good time to look forward at all of the opportunities that we’ll have to meet together as naturists next year - for some of us this will a chance to continue our enjoyment of social nudity, and for others the first step on their journey
    Established naturist clubs and swims will continue to be at the heart of naturism in our region - we’re lucky to have well-established naturist clubs from the Isle of Wight to Dover. Although all clubs will have their own policies, many of them will welcome you for day or longer visits. Contact details for all BN member clubs are published in each edition of the BN magazine, or you can find them in the Places section of the BN website
    We are also lucky to have a number of naturist swims that take place across our region every month in Southampton, Portsmouth, Ewell, Central London, Eastbourne and Dover. Swims can be a great introduction to naturism if you are just starting out, so why not head along to your local swim in the New Year? You’ll also find details of all swims listed in the BN magazine or in the Places section of the website. Special mention must go to the swim in Alton in Hampshire - after more than 20 years the last swim will take place on 05 January 2020. We’re looking for an alternative venue, but it would be great to see as many naturists as possible support the final swim at the current venue
    For the hardiest naturists amongst us, beach visits, walks and enjoying the outdoors will continue throughout the year and we are lucky to have many established naturist beaches throughout the region. Head to the Places section of the website for a listing. Our beaches include the ‘official’ beaches at Brighton and Leysdown to places with a long-established tradition of naturist use like Fairlight Glen (featuring in the picture of your correspondent at the bottom of this article!)
    2020 will also see a number of one-off naturist events, so now is a good time to update you on some of what we have planned so you can start planning your diary!
    Taking the lead from other BN regions, naked dining will be coming to London and the South East in the New Year:   
    We’re teaming up with the Eastern Region on Saturday 08 February for an evening cruise on the River Lea from Ware - with fish and chips laid on. You can book your place using the BN Events site, or follow this Link
    In March, we’ll be taking over the Blue Lion pub in Central London for lunch on Sunday 01 March. Tickets for the lunch are also available via BN Events, or follow this Link
    Looking further ahead, in the west of our region we have arranged a naturist evening at the Mill Arms in Dunbridge, close to Romsey on Friday 14 August. We hope to have tickets on sale for this early in the New Year, but we’ll have our own private room and bar for the evening, a two course meal and skittles!
    We are very lucky to have two established naturist walking groups that operate in our region. The fantastic Stark Trekkers hold monthly walks throughout the year. All of their events and details of how to join are listed on the Regional Calendar. The Naturist Ramblers group also holds frequent walks between April and October - often attracting more than 30 walkers to experience clothes-free walking on a variety of different routes. You’ll find more details of their walks and how to join them on their Website
    We also have a range of other events for you to enjoy in 2020:
    On Thursday 26 March we will be heading to Hollywood Bowl in Ashford for an evening of ten-pin bowling. This follows a successful event in Tunbridge Wells earlier this year - and we hope to organise another bowling evening in Basingstoke later in 2020. Tickets for the Ashford event are already on sale at BN Events via this Link - your ticket will include a drink and a buffet as well as the bowling
    For a truly unique experience, we’ve teamed up with the East Sussex Llama Park to organise an evening event on Thursday 11 June. This will give you the chance to walk with Llamas and to find out more about the llama park before sitting down to a three-course meal. The venue is really family-freindly, so why not bring your children (or grandchildren!) along for the evening. Tickets are available via BN Events or via this Link
    We are also very proud to be hosting a family meet-up at Max’s Garden between 07 and 09 August. This will be open to families with children under 18 only and great opportunity to meet other naturist families in a relaxed setting. Tickets are available via BN Events or via this Link
    And finally, we’re pleased that two higher profile events will be held in our region next year:
    Between 22 and 25 May BN will host the first ever Freedom Festival outside Lewes in West Sussex. This will be a relaxed festival with a focus on body positivity. Tickets are already on sale for this event - head to BN Events, or follow this Link
    On Saturday 20 June BN will be working together with the British Heart Foundation and Painshill Park in Surrey to host the Naked Heart Walk. This is a unique event to raise funds for the BHF through a naked sponsored walk. Painshill is a stunning landscape garden close to London - what better way to enjoy it than by joining a naked walk to raise money for charity at the height of summer? You can find our more information about this event by following this Link. It could also be the perfect ‘excuse’ for any of your friends who have been thinking about joining a naturist event to get involved!
    Hopefully there will something here to interest most people - whether you are an experienced naturist or taking your first steps in our wonderful lifestyle
    We’re working on new ideas all the time, so if there is something that you’d like to see that we haven’t thought of then please do let me know - jon.williams@bn.org.uk

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    2020 A Year of Visionary Events!

    By Guest, in North West,

    2020 Let's dive right in!
    Where will 2020 take us?
    We will certainly have plenty of choice with a variety of options at our disposal so we needn’t have a vacant weekend with nothing to do – we are more likely to have Nothing on! Now is the time to plan your Naturist year ahead…visit  North West News Online
    Whether it be one of the national BN events you would like to book or you might fancy a visit to one of our region’s ten landed clubs and nine swim venues, (some of which include spas), many will be staging plenty of official Great British Skinny Dip events throughout the year. Browse the north west calendar for naked rambles, naked dining, naked bike rides, a naked garden visit to the Dorothy Clive gardens, a naked boat trip on the Shropshire union canal, naked yoga in Birmingham, naked camping at Windermere in July followed by a ‘families’ event at Liverpool Sun & Air - led by the BN families officer. The choice has never been better!
    Just Announced - The BHF charity links up with British Naturism!
    Read all about it  We are exploring all possibilities for staging a North West Beach skinny dip on midsummer’s day linked to fund raising for the British Heart Foundation. Watch this space for the announcement of the designated beach! We will also be looking at linking more new events to the Charity.
    NW 2020 Events selling fast!
    The Blackpool weekend  February 28th – March 2nd  is a ‘circus’ themed weekend and still available but selling out fast! There are a few rooms left but please be sure to grab one soon to avoid disappointment. The price includes the Sandcastle swim which can be booked separately or book both as a package.
    Stoke Waterworld – Our biggest event of the year! Now booking and expected to sell out once again.  April 4th 6 -8 pm.  Waterworld,  Festival Park,  Stoke-on-Trent.
    Wigton Swim
    The regular second-Saturday-of-the-month swim at Wigton, Cumbria  recently celebrated its first birthday. When it began, the local paper helped publicise it and we recently invited the journalist who wrote the piece to  write about it again. The December swim raffle raised over £200 with wine donated by BN members.
    Our 2020 vision nationally…
    The national events season kicks off at Bournemouth with the 60’s weekend beginning  26th January, but there’s loads more to choose from including the flagship ‘Nudefest’ event –now on sale More details here. Our forward thinking BN events manager (Mark Walsh) is already planning events and booking venues for us to enjoy during 2021. We now have North West News online within the BN North West News Page which can be continually updated with regular, newsy material as supplied by members. There will also be a Newsletter dropping into your email inbox, if you have subscribed, with links to updated items within this online version.
    Anyone wishing to update me or write about your club event or maybe write a promotional article for future publications, email: nwnewsletter@bn.org.uk
    Ron O’Hare (Editor, NW News).


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    Hi Everyone
    The rest of December is a busy month in terms of Naturist swims.We have several.Firstly; we have an evening Swim at Club Naturel  in mid Norfolk;
    Next, we have a popular evening swim near the Chiltern Hills in Watford;
    So next along; just 5 days before Christmas day; is an afternoon swim at Club Naturel;
    Getting ever closer to Christmas there is a Saturday afternoon swim in Mildenhall, Suffolk. With the opportunity to go back to a members home with a Takeawy after a good swim workout and Sauna. This is a monthly swim; close to Cambridge;
    Ok, so you have had your Christmas dinner, you hit the shops on Boxing day and now you just want to relax; perhaps in a hot tub, a sauna and a swim. Here is the solution; an evening swim again at Club Naturel;
    And so into January 2020;
    We have the return of the very popular  Saturday evening swim and fun at the Oasis Beach Pool Swim in Bedford. The previous one was attended by many people;
    Now we come to one of our longest running events. Northampton Sun Group Swim has been established since 1982.
    This Gem of a swim is looking to the future and welcomes new people to experience its facilities and meet with the regulars.that attend; The swim is an early evening event. Put this in your diary!
    The Next event is something all you lovers of Poirot, Midsomer Murders and Miss Marple will be interested in. It is a Nude Murder Mystery in Oxfordshire. The Plot Thickens;
    Our next event is near to the end of January. Organised by Ian Beeby our Eastern Region Vice Chairman. Ian's event is a Clothes Optional Dining event. The reason for this is so that aspiring naturists can attend. However if you wish to remain naked throughout the evening that is perfectly fine too. The Clothes Optional Dining is located in the village of Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire. The venue is the Memorial Village Hall and is around 1 mile from Duxford Air Museum; There is a Holiday inn Hotel and train station very close by too.
    So December and January are full of events for you to feast on..

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    In the last few years I think there's been nothing short of a revolution for naturists in Britain and BN has been at the forefront. 
    It all started just over ten years ago with the first Nudefest which has grown and grown. Then we have had Alton Towers which just a few years ago was nearly cancelled through lack of numbers but now sells out. Dunoon with the Gathering, Bournemouth and Nudestock are just a few of the many other events that we now have to choose from. Over the last few years the regions have been taking up the baton and none has been more prominent than the Eastern Region. 
    Eastern Region have organised countless naked dining events at different venues in the last two years and have then branched out into vineyard visits, museum events and coming up soon a murder mystery and gin tasting. The latter two by the way are separate events because as we all know crime and alcohol are a lethal mix!!
    The latest regional event was a Christmas Dinner at the Three Counties Asylum near Hitchin. At least that's what it used to be called in less enlightened days. It's now part of the Bannatyne Leisure empire and called The Orchard and is next to their health spa. The buildings, from the Victorian era, are stunning and the restaurant is in what was the chapel. Apparently there was a real scandal there some years ago when the resident vicar married someone forty years younger. The Orchard is a great place for a meal with good hosts, decent food and most importantly in December well heated. Once again the event was a sell out and the lesson to learn with our regional events is book early. At the time of writing in early December the Murder Mystery event is also sold out with a waiting list. As usual we had a fiendish quiz and this time with a Christmas theme. Here's some samples- Do you know what Michael Barratt's real name is who sang Merry Christmas Everyone? And what's Japan's favourite Christmas meal? Who had a hit with Insanity over Christmas? Finally, what animal brings Christmas gifts in Syria? Answers below:
    Robert who has organised most of these naked dining events is to be hugely congratulated for his efforts. During the evening Nigel Bromley was presented with a gift of thanks after his five years as regional representative in BN. He leaves the post with the region in a flourishing state.
    Quiz answers: Shaking Stevens, KFC, Madness and camel.
    Article and Photography  by Andy P

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