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  • Spotlight on the Naturist Activity Club


    We are pleased to introduce a (reasonably) new club for naturists based in the South of England

    The Naturist Activity Club has been set up by BN member Bernie who has a huge amount of enthusiasm for organising naturist activities - where possible outdoors and in areas which are not traditionally naturist

    The club has grown out of Facebook and MeetUp groups, but now has its own Page on the BN website, as well as its own external Website

    The club is focused on a range of sporting and social activities - often of a smaller scale and arranged at relatively short notice when compared to some other naturist clubs. Such activities might include badminton, walking, wild swimming, picnics, cycling and Molkky - to name just a few!

    The club also has a naturist canal trip organised from Odiham in Hampshire later this year - this is scheduled for 27 June and tickets are already on sale

    If you’d like to know more about the club or would like to join or suggest an event why not contact Bernie directly at office@naturistactivityclub.co.uk




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